Arnova 10 G2 may support HDMI ? (soldering required)


Arnova devices currently lack HDMI output, but some of the device cases clearly show a plastic cover the size of an HDMI connector.

Side of the Arnova 10 show HDMI spot circled in red.

Our forum user p1ceus was curious enough to disassemble his tablet to see what was behind 😉 According to his findings:

there are already prepared holes and pins for miniHDMI connector!
According to this pinout, I tried to measure at least voltage and voila, it is under power 😉 miniHDMI connector which should match the holes and pins is here.

Closer look at the mother board.

In addition, it’s interesting to note that the Arnova 10 G2 device seem to already have software support for HDMI output, see following system files already present in current device firmware:

We’ll keep you updated about the success of this project and see if it can also be done on other tablets.

Please note than opening your tablet case may void the device warranty.


  1. This thread seems to have died out a while back? Can anyone confirm whether they succeeded in doing this? My 10G2 is several years old, and I have now bought a newer model. The 10G2 still works fine, but I figured I have nothing to lose by trying this.
    Any updates appreciated.

  2. I had to repair my charge port, and when I open the case I noticed this aswell. The question I have is where would you by such a part? I checked the firmware file and every thing seems to be in order to run HDMI. All we’d.need is to put one in and try it. I’m sure we could make a driver if needed.

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