Test de la tablette Arnova 10 G2 (Android 2.3, écran capacitif multitouch 10.1″, RK2918 CPU, 512 Mo mémoire)


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  1. i have downloaded a soft ware for my arnova 10 g2 to flash it, purposely to stop my led indication light which is always on showing that the battery is charging while not. i tried two of the firmwares already and realized that it does not go off. And now, the device restarts when i put it off. can anyone help? tthanks a lot for your coming answers.

  2. Hi It´s me again.
    I´m triying to install chainfire but it tells me that I have no more memory…What do I have to do,I flash it to have all my memory empty but it also tells me that I have no memory…What can I do,I really need it to install other games…Thanks

  3. Hi,
    Is there a way to connect archos 10 g2 to a tv? It does not have a hdmi… does it has other ways to connect to a tv?

    On the archossite a saw a internet tablet 10.1 with hdmi. Is this the same tablet, or is this a different one…

    Is there a archos model like G2 with hdmi, same power or more…

      • Is there any further development ongoing or is the « arn10g2-23-01 » firmware as good as it is going to get. I flashed my 10 G2 yesterday. The garbled text that comes up during the firmware install (and all subsequent reboots) is a little disconcerting. Perhaps you could mention this in a help file. For a moment I thought I’d bricked my unit! Being a patient sort of person I just waited and it sorted itself out. Arctools worked perfectly and I got Android Markey up and running in no time. BBC iPlayer app works a treat. Would be great if the garbled text thing could be sorted along with a few other bugs.

  4. It has a micro sd card slot. You can purchase the microsd with an adapter that it fits in. If you use the adaper with a computer, you can copy pictures from the computer to the sd card and put them on the tablet that way.

  5. The perfect tab for the perfect price.. no one REALLY needs a tab with hardcore specs..not yet anyways..

    Will look at this in person tmr.. quite excited to see it.. and if I’m happy with it.. I will buy it knowing in mind that it will be 1000 times better when you guys here at arctablet put out the custom rom. SERIOUS PROPS for you guys.. MUCH RESPECT! For whatever motivates you.. thanks.. and keep at it! You are helping those in need on a global level (I’m in Hong Kong)

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  7. can i videochat on the ARNOVA 10 G2 because i have a cam but i still cant videochat what do i need to make it work im seriously becomming angry and its gone fly. no im a dumbass and i dont know how or what to do now i can only play some games en see the big fat bunny. please help from the start wanted. thx

  8. Just unboxed my Philly News. The bundled apps, especially the miserable substitute for Android Market are meh at best. The clear–view come-on application is completely useless. Haven’t found an application enabling chat with the camera yet. The inability to have Google account in settings is nearly fatal to the device.

    • I recently got my Philadelphia Daily News Arnova 10 g2 Tablet and i must say i was pleasently surprised for a $99.00 Tablet. Of course it has its cons, but as soon as these wonderful devs release the Root and custom firmware it will make this tablet 200% better. People shouldnt complain about a $99.00 tablet. What, do you think you were getting the specs of the Galaxy 10.1 or something?

    • Update on the bundled apps – the vendor had a server issue; the « free bundled » apps include both Quickoffice Pro (which lists for $15 in the Android Market) and Splashtop Remote (which is also similarly priced). Both are real bargains when free. Can’t vouch for the other apps, but the authentication problems have been solved.

      I’ve been able to copy over a handful of apk’s from my HTC Droid Incredible and so long as the app doesn’t need a native Google account to run, everything runs quite well. I’ve got: MyBackupPro; Moboplayer; HideItPro; ereader; Astro; Total Commander; gReader Pro; all three Angry Birds versions; and a handful of other apps running just fine on the the tablet.

      Also, the ability to plug remote USB storage into the tablet and use for remote storage is, well, pretty cool, actually.

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