[Mise à Jour] Firmware Android 2.2 (Froyo) pour Arnova 10 avec Android Market et root – kasty-arn10-22-05


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  1. Hi Guys, I really need your help. So I flashed my firmware to the one above (custom froyo 2.2) on my brand new arnova 10. now I cant unlock the screen, neither can I power off the device as the only 2 active options using the screen is silent and cancel. I also tried to plug and overwrite the .img file by connecting to the PC, the device is not recognised and I cant proceed. I really appreciate if someone can really help, im stuck big time!

  2. he guys i have this problem right now.
    after i tryed to get the custom firmware on my Arnova 10 g2 it practically turned in to a brick with only loading and rebooting but now i cant re flash it with the old standard firmware can you guys help out.
    i got as far that now windows sees the rk2918 in usb but that’s about it. no more loading and reboots though.

  3. Yesterday i see the new Arnova10 G2 in a Shop, it runs Android 2.3… but Arnova 10 g2 is very similar to arnova 10/10b. I think is possible with overclock to 640 MHZ and new video driver (only for 10a because 10b have the same screen) runs that os to Arnova 10a/10b. The diffenrent processor is an evolution of our 2818 and i think is compatible. Arnova 10g2 and 10b have the same screen (only 10a needs a different video driver). Overclock is necessary because Arnova 10g2 clock is 1 MHZ.
    Crazy idea…..

    • Strange, i have changed my firmware from official to Kasty-Arn or from Kasty-Arn to Official many times this year (at least 4 times) and i’ve never have problems. Try this way. Delete all from your arnova and go to setup for restoring factory installation. In this way you will have a pure kasty-Arn. After this put the last original image of arnova firmware in the root of your sd card. Then the arnowa ask to you if you want make the update etc etc. I’m not sure because i’ve never encounter this problem.

  4. I can’t get rw root permision using explore root, Terminal Emulator or adb on my Arnova 10 after upgrading to Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware. Also my barttery is being drained by « Cell Standby » , it’s using 76%. The freeze screen issue is not that big of a deal for me,I just wait a minute or two on the second droid window until it kicks in. Besides the issues that I mentioned I personally love the formware, it’s a big difference from the firmware the tablet came with. I can not see myself go back to the old firmware, just hope to fix these minor issues out.

    • Hi,
      i agree with you. Is a very good work (i’ve made a massive 4 month test) and is better than the original firmware. I’m waiting for next version of Kasty-Arn (until May… if i remember well). In this moment i’ve Eclair original firmware because i want to try the last version (September) of the Arnova official firmware.

  5. Hi,
    a little trick. If you love angry birds you can play it on our Arnova 10…. slowly. It’s not very playable. While we’re waiting for an apk able to put our Rockchip to 640 Mhz, i’ve a little trick. In the start screen there is an option icon in the bottom left of the screen. Select it an turn of the background (icon with mountains). Voilà. Your birds fly at playable speed!

  6. Hello,

    I upgrated my arnova 10 tablet to android 2.2. When I used froyo 2 days he get problems, I reset it a lot of times. Now the tablet stopped at the beginning screen. I can’t get connected the tablet to my pc because he did not proceed beyond the begin screen. HELP PLEASE!

    Reset doesn’t help

    • Hi,
      in my opinion you can try this way:
      1. Turn off your device with « reset hole ».
      2. Put the image of the original firmware into micro sd (connect microsd to pc and put it into the root of sdcard).
      3. Put the micro sd into arnova and turn-on the device.
      If you’re lucky the Arnova starts the downgrade of the firmware to the original one. I’m not sure but you can try.

  7. Hello,

    I upgrated my arnova 10 tablet to android 2.2. When I used froyo 2 days he get problems, I reset it a lot of times. Now the tablet stopped at the beginning screen. I can’t get connected the tablet to my pc because he did not proceed beyond the begin screen. HELP PLEASE!

    Reset doesn’t help

  8. Welcome to my tablet inexplicable happened after upgrading to firmware Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for Arnova 10, he asked calibrate the touch screen was rezestivnogo I did not take and successfully pressed the sensor no longer respond to my commands, I can not unlock it but it works because when pressing the power button pops up a menu off the phone but if you press on it off the top picks please help can not solve key problems within 2 weeks!
    this may have been previously reset does not help (

    • Hi,
      i think in Kasty-Arn10-22-5 the moving to SD card don’t run. I’ve try to move an apk to SD card in another Froyo Telephone and it runs. When i put the same apk to Arnova10 it wasn’t able to moving it to sd card.I hope in future release of the firmware (dream list for Kasty-Arn10-22-6 increase: SD moving, Clock to 640 Mhz, Flash, Java……. wow!). 🙂

  9. Hello, i’ve try to install Jbed on Arnova 10 (for running Jar Games) using this commands:
    mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
    cp /sdcard/jbed.apk /system/app
    cp /sdcard/libjbedvm.so /system/lib

    But when i use CP in line 3 the system say « can’t create ‘/system/…..’ Read-only file system ». I think the line 2 is not correct for our custom firmware. Someone can help me? How can unlock Read/Write /system directory?

  10. Updated Arnova 10 (came w/ 1.1.7) to kasty-arn10-22-05.zip custom rom and after completion, it now shows up as a Phone. I referenced the video in this article and noticed that the Build number is different than what I see:
    Video – Build number .20110225.134212
    My Arnova 10 – Build number .20110127.104732

    Any words of wisdom? Do I need to update to .20110225.134212? If so, then where can I find the link to this file?

  11. need help!!

    after upgrading to arnova 10 custom android 2.2(froyo) firmware, when the device booted up for the first time, there is an error saying « the application calibration (process com.rockchip.tscalibration) has stopped unexpectedly. please try again » and there is only one option « force close ». what should i do ??

  12. He guys,

    After the installation, which went fine, I’m missing some apps which where in the default, like Epub reader and the promised youtube option.

    Is there a download where that is in??

    Thanks anyway for the great update to froyo !

  13. I’m so frustrated, after upgraded to 2.2, the screen is now locked! Please help!

    The screen calibration went so fast, it failed, now touching the screen is unresponsive!

    Archos A101B, org ver 1.1.7 (that’s all I remember), restrictive? screen.

    Went back to org ROM version was unsuccessful, did not know where to to place the ROM img file, and it seems device has no more room!

    Thank you.

  14. Help,
    someone say to me that CPUBoostLite 4.1 (the application is free) is able to overclock the arnova 10 but i can’t able to try because i haven’t connection to market. Someone can try this application or send to me the APK at « cygnus01X@gmail.com »? Thanks in advance

  15. Hello,
    according to « wikipedia » the CPU Rockchip RK2818 (Arnova 10’s CPU) can run with frequency of 640 MHz. Despite to this fact, Arnova 10 CPU runs with 320 MHZ frequency. I’ve tried some apps for overclock the cpu to 640 mhz but… nothing. The CPU frequency never change. I think is locked by firmware. You think is possible, in a future update of firmware, unlock the CPU frequency? In this way we can able to decide the balance by CPU and battery life.

  16. The install of the ROM went perfectly, however when the device first boots the screen callibration cannot end succesfully.

    It fails every time, when i skip it you cannot get into settings because the entire orientation is wrong.

    I did a lookup on google and found some info on getting into Debug mode

    When i run ADB shell and start the calibration tool
    adb shell
    am start -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.rockchip.tscalibration/.TSCalibration

    Error type 3
    Error: Activity class {com.rockchip.tscalibration/com.rockchip.tscalibration.TSC
    alibration} does not exist.

    however when i run « PS » prior to skipping the callibration i can see it running fine the first time


    969 10006 224m S com.rockchip.tscalibration

    what should i do in order to get this resolved and force callibration of the touch panel?


  17. Tried Froyo hack, but met some troubles. Looks promising though. Also find the apps market not sufficient, liked AppsLib too much. Could not detect real speed improvement. So in spite of potential improvements of 2.2 I reverted to your 2.1 hack which was far more complete with suitable apps. Archos promised to publish a Froyo fw update, but with arnova 10b and the latest 3 and 4 g devices I’m afraid it will never come. Too bad..

  18. Je suis le seul français a utiliser l’arnova 10??? humour off
    Cette tablette est vraiment décevante, l’écran est peu réactif, la plupart des applis que je comptais utiliser sont incompatibles, freetv, la plupart des appli radioamateur android sont incompatibles, pas de youtube et ce que je n’ai pas encore testé!!! le port usb ne reconnait que les souris ou clavier externe, nom disque externe n’est pas reconnu, je pense que clé bluetooth et autres ne le sont pas n’ont plus, donc usb host très limité, clavier, souris, clé usb formaté en fat 32!!!
    Avec le firmware froyo, les incompatibilités sont toujours la, quand on veut télécharger sur android market, souvent message phone non compatible…
    Déçu très déçu, ou alors il me manque quelques infos!!!
    Amitiés a tous

    • I sincerely hope this is made a priority. Even if I only get a couple hours out of this thing at top speed, I will be happy. I volunteer to test it out, my wife has already given up on this tablet but I think if we can over clock it, I can win her back and avoid paying a shitload of money on another tablet.

  19. Just flashed mu 10b with rockchip and this rom. Device boot up nice and fast but after 2 second bring calibration screen and display not responding. Have to flash back to stock.((( Is there any way to get calibration from stock. (I’m so new with those toys))

  20. I have a problem with arnova 10 with this fimware.
    My screen freezes and there is no powerdown posibilities.
    Holding powerbutton doesn’t do it.

    Anyone have had this problem?
    Do I have to wait till the batery powers down?

  21. I also ordered the arnova 10b from nextag as well, but i dont get mine till tomorrow. Im glad to hear you like yours, i cant wait to get mine as well. 🙁 I look forward to this to be released for the 10b as well in the next couple days. Keep up the AWESOME job.

  22. Just got my Arnova 10b today from the nextag sale. It is much much nicer than the crap tablets I’ve owned before. Is the new rom ready? If not, can you contact me? I’d like to try what you have for your beta.

  23. Heads up… nexttag just had a $99 fire sale and there are ALOT of Arnova 10b’s(Capacitive shipping to houses soon. Including mine! So I hope we can see the 10b port of the Froyo2.2 coming soon sirs…. Any eta?


  24. I downloaded kasty-arn10-22-04.zip for my tablet a while back. I tried to update my tablet but it is stuck on the android screen when you first turn it on. I tried resetting it but nothing works. Please Help!!!

  25. I would like to know if is possible to get access to the Arnova 10 BIOS, cause i have read about Archos and it is possible, pressing at the same time power and volume down button but have tried to do the samething on Arnova and nothing happens, any ideas?
    Cause if i get access to the BIOS i want to install Fedora on it, please advise… many thanks Andre

  26. Good morning and thnaks for your work. I would like to know if there is an update expected for Arnova 10b with capacitive screen ? Ii i install this one for Arnova 10 ,
    did it work or crash the tablet ?
    Many thnaks.

    • Arnova 10 and Arnova 10b are very similar products, the capacitive screen does not need calibration, the Arnova 10 firmware may work. You will need to use Rockchip flashing tools as the product signatures are different and the Arnova 10 should now be accept by the default firmware upgrade procedure (copying update.img at root).
      You don’t risk much, in the worse case you’ll need to reflash stock firmware on your device.
      Let us know about the results if you try.

      We will make an Arnova 10b version of the firmware anyway, when time permits… probably before end of August.

      • Thanks for your answer , i saw on a forum that with Arnova 10b and this alternative firmware sometimes the tablet stop at the calibration process because wait for resistive screen . Have you heard something about this ?
        May be it’s just necessary to delete the resistive driver in the distribution ?
        What do you think about it ?
        for flashing with rockchip tools where i can find it ?
        Many thanks.


        • Yes, we’re planning to remove the calibration tool from the Arnova 10 firmware, should work on Arnova 10b.
          Rockchip flashing tool link and procedure are listed in most pages in this blog and is also mentionned many times in the comments of this article.

          • Concerning overclocking , i have try yesterday to have root with Z4root , it work but when i reboot tablet i have infinite loop and stop working so i need to flash with arnova firmware.
            My question is i try to overclock tablet but don’t work . Have you informations about the kernel , if overclock is possible with this one ?
            Normally only root is necessary.
            ( i try Cpuboost and others but always the same unable to change clock )

          • I need help getting past the calibration issue. My Arnova 10 is stuck at this point. Message I get is « The application calibration (process com.rockchip.tscalibration) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. »

            Help please!

  27. good morning , i have Arnova 10B and would like to know if a firmware will be released for this Arnova .(capacitive screen )
    Second point , i try to overclock CPU with utility i found on appslib : CPU boost lite but don’t work . application say it’s necessary to have “overclockable kernel” , may be root ??
    Have you informations about RK2818 overclock ?
    Thanks Christophe

  28. Hi everybody !

    first of all I want to thank everybody out there for sharing your experience.
    I am new to Arnova 10 and I am still facing two issues I just can’t get out of!!

    1) I have tried every firmware available and I am currently running the last release found on this site : 2.2 froyo (thank you ! Pretty cool). I have been doing everything I can to be able to access flash content and I just can’t! Could somebody tell me if it is really possible so I don’t get a headache for nothing ;)!!!!!
    None of the downloads I’ve tried work 🙁

    2)The second problem : as I often use my tablet to write I would need to install a host azerty keyboard ( I am french …). as far as I know android only recognizes it as a qwerty keyboard wich is difficult for me !
    I know a manipulation which consists in changing the qwerty.kl file but the problem is that even if I can access the root of arnova with esfile or other, it keeps telling me that I can’t change or copy and paste files as the system file is read only. I mount it Write and read but it keeps denying me access!!!!! I’m getting mad and don’t know how to use ADB which is another solution!

    Could anyone help with those issues or one at least ??? !!!!!

    many many thanks, I’m probably not going insane thanks to one of you!

    • Thanks for your kind message 😉
      Regarding your questions:
      1) there is currently no stable Adobe Flash support for any Arnova machine. The old Rockchip RK2818 processor would probably make it run too slow anyway.
      2) You can’t modify system files as they are located on a ready only filesystem. You will need to modify it in the image and rebuild the firmware. There are some information here
      We may also be able to help and make a custom firmware for you, if we have time and there is enough demand for such a feature 😉

      Finally, maybe such a program helps: http://www.archoslounge.net/forum/showthread.php?t=20319
      according to the author, it lets you remap your keyboard keys on external keyboard 😉

      • good morning , i have Arnova 10B and would like to know if a firmware will be released for this Arnova .(capacitive screen )
        Second point , i try to overclock CPU with utility i found on appslib : CPU boost lite but don’t work . application say it’s necessary to have « overclockable kernel » , may be root ??
        Have you informations about RK2818 overclock ?
        Thanks Christophe

      • Thank you so much for your quick reply !!!
        Concerning Flash you really help me cause I am going to save a lot of time! I’m gonna stop looking for some way to get flash content. Maybe that will be possible with a new firmware ? I m sorry but I don’t know much about that, this flash issue is this something that can be fixed with a new firmware or will it never be possible to get flash because of some material reasons? Just to keep a little hope 😉

        Regarding the keyboard issue, I’ll have a look at the firmware « rebuilding » but that sounds a bit too complicated for me ;(

        Anyway, thank you so much for your help!!! I keep in touch with « arctablet » for new releases and information!

        Bye and nice job to you all

  29. I’ve updated with my arnova 10 with kasty-arn10-22-05.zip.
    After reboot the screen indicated « screen locked » and nothing works anymore.
    The unlock button is not highlighted so I can’t unlock.
    I even can’t connect it to my PC because it no longer see the Arnova.
    Is this what they call « a brick »?
    Who is able to help me with this?

    Thanks in advance for the reply, Con Godart
    I’am fom the Netherlands so maybe the English is not as good as it should be.

    • Con,
      If it works as it should, you should just slide to unlock. It’s quite easy to do, but a bit unsual, that lead to confusion for some users.
      Else, you should try the reset option (the reset pinhole is next to the connectors on the side of the tablet) or the Rockchip flashing tools, this software can help to reflash in almost any cases.
      Bricking means your tablet is not functionning anymore as it should, but most of the time, there are solutions to unbrick as mentionned earlier.

    • This is exactly the same thing that happened to me. The touchscreen was unresponsive most of the time, but it would work every now and again; I also lost all use of my WiFi. I reset it to the factory firmware and will try this firmware again…

  30. I’ve updated my Arnova 10 with kasty-arn10-22-05.zip.
    After reboot the screen indicated « screen locked ».
    The unlock button is not highlighted so I can’t unlock.
    Nothing works!
    A connection with my PC is also not possible so I can’t do it again.
    Who can help me, please?

    Thanks in advance for the reply, Con Godart

  31. I have the issue as Darius, any ideas what to do?
    Hard reset doesn’t work.

    Posted May 19, 2011 at 11:35 PM
    The update was working well after the app market fix, but now all of a sudden my wifi wont turn on. I have tried the settings and my wifi maneger but it just turns grey when you try to turn it on…. help

    • After installing 2.2 (Froyo) and seeing that it worked fine, I set my Arnova 10 aside for an extended period and it became completely useless. The touchscreen was not responsive and once I got it working, I found that my WiFi was no longer working. I just went back to firmware version 1.1.7 and because I enjoyed the 2.2 (Froyo) firmware so much, I will reinstall after I’m sure that the WiFi works.

      I’ll keep you posted!

  32. Aaaargh……! I did the firmware update and saw a lot of messages during the instalation. The process looked right until the arnova 10 turned off. And now it doesnt seem to run properly. The screen is dark and the device cannot turn on again. It seems to be dead.

    Any advice? I’m starting to feel quite nervous as the machine is quite new

    Thanks in advance

  33. I cannot get my PC and tablet to « talk. »

    I copied the « update.img » file to the root from my flash drive but it never prompted me to install…

    If I plug my flash drive into the tablet it will ask me if I want to install the new firmware, however I’m unsure if the usb port will still work once it starts to install the new firmware…Does anyone know what will happen if I go ahead and try to install like this?

    • I think I figured it out. For some reason my Arnova 10 came with the wrong USB adaptor, it was not small enough. Not sure what they call the different sizes. I found that my wife’s android phone uses the same « smaller » USB cord. I connected this one and it worked perfectly. That is it connected to my PC without issues. I have sense updated the firmware and I’m on my way. I don’t know how it is going to work yet…

      • I got it up and running. I bought it to watch movies. Once I installed the new firmware the movie was choppy. I had to revert back to the orginal firmware. I did like the new one better. I just wish the processor was a little faster…

  34. I am trying to use the Netextender from the market to log into my sonicwall with vpn. When I try to log in, it gives me an error saying « I/O error. » When I went to the sonicwall forum, they said the message usually means the kernel doesn’t fully support PPP (which is necessary for NetExtender).

    You may be able to find PPP kernel modules for your phone. The files you would need are ppp_async.ko and ppp_synctty.ko.

    Another person also said:
    « The PPP module has to be built for the specific Linux kernel where it will be used, and there is a unique kernel for each combination of phone model and firmware/ROM. That means the Thunderbolt needs a different module than the Inspire, and even two Thunderbolts running different versions of Android (or different custom ROMs) would need different PPP module files.

    You might be able to find modules for your specific phone, or you might want to try building your own. I’ve successfully built the modules for the HTC/T-Mobile G2. Here are some instructions on how I did it, but be warned it’s not a simple task. A bad module could even cause your phone to crash or worse.

    Instructions: Building and installing PPP kernel modules for the T-Mobile G2 (http://dl.dropbox.co…Mobile%20G2.pdf)

    These instructions were written specifically for the G2, but they should be adaptable to other phones/kernels. »

    I am not an expert in building modules and was wondering what it would take to implement this in the next build?


  35. WOW! it works fine. Yes, the camera apk is missing (why?) but i think is possible download the apk from the original firmware ad upload it in this version. In other way there are many other programs that runs the camera. « Fast Burst Camera » works well (but no video).

  36. actualizado a 2.2 en junio. va mucho mas rapido. me gusta.
    pero el market es muy pobre, pocas aplicaciones, y tampoco aparece el market de archos, arnova. aparte de eso estupendo. (tambien en un momento se me bloqueo la pantalla, alfiler y listo) gracias por vuestro trabajo desde españa.

      • pues es mucho mas rapido…. yo lo uso sobre todo para leer comics… es mas fluido. cierto se me ha bloqueado alguna vez la pantalla. se arregla dandole al reset, sin problemas. y tambien he tenido que buscar las aplicaciones. baje el market de arnova, y apliclaciones por mi cuenta. porque el market que trae no tiene muchas aplicaciones. aparte de eso. veo la tablet mucho mas fluida.


    for everyone that’s interested in wanting to put a perfect fit wallpaper for this tablet…. sit ur picture program or resize ur wallpaper to 640×300 or 320×150. but keep in mind that the top 1st inch can’t be shown because of the bar. anyways thought i share it to everyone that doesn’t know about this yet. 🙂

  38. How to get full market (thanks to the SlateDroid forum)
    1) Open the market, and sign in with your account.
    2) After that accept the terms and you’ll see an empty market. Close the market.
    3) In the notification bar you’ll see an update ‘icon’. Wait for it to disappear.
    4) Go to Settings –> Applications –> Manage Applications –> All
    5) Scroll down to Market, open it and clear the cache
    6) Go back, scroll up to Google Framework Services, and open it, delete the data
    7) Now reboot and go to Market, you should now see a fully Market.
    *) I’ve noticed that sometimes after the reboot it takes me a second try to get the full market (so steps 4 and further again)

  39. I updated firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 and now have an issue with tablet it does not stay on for more than 5 seconds and when it is up none of the function work it just show desktop with date, time and no service info. I tried the rest button but same problem. Is there someway to fix this issue? Is there a way to retore firmware

  40. Installed this update- had the same issues as reported elsewhere, browser (both dolphin HD, and the stock browser) force close after 10-15 seconds. Didn’t try opera, as was suggested here, might give that another shot- but has anyone solved this yet?

    Having no success getting a working flash player on this device- which is the primary purpose for me. It installs and shows on the uninstall screen for the 2.1 custom firmware, but doesn’t actually work- this 2.2 doesn’t allow me to run a browser for long enough to tell.

  41. Hello, this firmware solved a little problem of my Arnova10: with the original one, sometimes when i turn off and then turn on my Arnova 10 it don’t show me my wallpaper,apps,widgets… but the default wallpaper,apps,wid… with specular sensitive screen (if you touch up it intended down, left -> right..) and i must reset or turn off again the Arnova for solve the problem (every turn on, for me was double!). I’m not able to contact Arnova to solve this problem (in the official site there isn’t a FAQ list or an e-mail).

  42. I just bought this Arnova 10 about a week ago,replaced the Archos 7 HT V2.The only thing i like about the Arnova over the Archos is the big screen and video camera.I like this 2.2 Froyo,which gave me problems at first and i still cant charge my tablet when it shut off,as soon as i plug it in the tablet boots up,i have to let the tablet die before i can fully charge it with it off.The only thing that sucks about this firmware is it isnt a read/write partition,because of squashfs.Hopefully this can be fixed.

  43. Followed the instructions in the video and worked like a charm. Seems good overall with a few issues so far that I see. 1) the battery charge state seems to drop very fast after removing main power (within 5 mins from 99% to 63%) 2) although I powered the unit off connecting main power powers the unit back on (now that could be either a setting or app I’ve installed) so overall SO FAR SO GOOD. Much thanks goes out to those who have created the firmware. Twenty plus years on being on the Net and I’m still surprised at the generosity of complete strangers in donated time, effort, and expertise. When a lot of us would simply return an item that wasn’t functioning as we would hope, the FEW roll up there sleeves, put on a pot of coffee, pull an all-nighter (or 2) and give us an option (FOR FREE) to get more from our devices. CHEERS I SAY TO THEM!

  44. Is possible mount the external USB Pen in Host mode with a script? With your firmware (i love it) I put my ARNOVA 10 in Host USB mode and connect the USB pen. Nothing. For the explorer the Pen is unmout. In this firmware there is there is an apllication for the script. Is possible Mout with a script?
    Thanks in advance

  45. Hi, can you help me please?i have bought an arnova 10 and suddenly it shut down and know just appears « ARNOVA » and nothing happen. what can i do?please helpme i am very long from where i bought this tablet and i am very bad..I hope you can help me thanks!

    • Installed this update and was impressed that market app is working, i was also happy with the lock screen which was not available in the original firmware. However, i have experienced that after coming from a black screen, the screen doesn’t respond while trying to unlock, also wifi service is being turned -off instantly when in locked mode. I did a hard reset but still the screen wont respond. I have reverted back to the original firmware because luckily the device was able to read the image i placed at my sdcard. Hoping this issues will be resolved sooner cause I really liked the update and I want to use it. Are there anymore stable release coming? What app is that lock screen i really like it.

  46. The update was working well after the app market fix, but now all of a sudden my wifi wont turn on. I have tried the settings and my wifi maneger but it just turns grey when you try to turn it on…. help

  47. Arnova buy a 10 recently, and decided to install the update (http://arnovatech.com/support/firmware.html?country=ly&lang=en&g=1), if I noticed that when he began installing light load table was not working and plugged the charger. Began the actualization and then turn off and did not catch more. I plug the power adapter and not turn any light table (or green or red), and the charger worked perfect before starting the upgrade. The table does not turn the charger seemed to be malfunctioning. I’ve tried to restart several times through the reset button!, But only once Arnova logo appeared on the screen and began to blink on and off, I guess not charge? the charger is new .. only used once …. .

  48. I updated firmware from 2.1 to 2.2 and now have an issue with tablet it does not stay on for more than 5 seconds and when it is up none of the function work it just show desktop with date, time and no service info. I tried the rest button but same problem. Is there someway to fix this issue? Is there a way to retore firmware?

  49. Hello i’ve tried this new Firmware. It’s look very good but in my opinion there are two problems:
    1. The icon on the screen are very spaced. Is not possible put icon very close like the original firmware. Why?
    2. USB PEN DRIVER cant be loaded to access at….I did the settings for HOST USB..and it’s not detected as before the upgrade (like other post).
    Thank You!

  50. I tried this firmware, it was fairly fast, but the issues with the market had me reverting back (I need a PDF reader). Also, the home screen does not rotate properly with the device rotation, and I can’t figure out how to turn off slide to unlock. Although, on stock fw the home screen doesnt rotate at all. I have reverted to your custom 2.1 firmware for further testing.


    Problems found after update my ARNOVA 10 with 2.1 eclair to Arnova 10 custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware with Android Market and root.

    1-USB PEN DRIVER cant be loaded to access at….I did the settings for HOST USB..and it’s not detected as before the upgrade
    I think driver for usb port got missing.

    Where i can get this USB driver and how i can install it on?

    2- Internal camera got issues: Quality on pictures is Low, video recording shows green dots all over the area of video, also when record the video and options setting are mess up too…
    Where can I get the drivers for the camera??

    3- Flash.apk (10.1 or (10.2) and Showcase.apk from adobe doesn’t work as suppose to be…webpages with Flash content are not working, even if you try to use dolphin browser.apk

    4- issues With the annoying  » forced to close » with application

    please…any suggestion about how to resolve this problems?

  52. hello

    first thanks for this custom firmware, i tested it yesterday and find it cool to use

    but finally, i prefer wait a new version because many things miss and many things not optimized yet but it’s something really promising !

    i wanted to know how i can back to the original software because you notify link but no instructions

    thanks a lot for your help and again, i wait a new update about your CF 🙂


  53. Well sorry to bother you again. I got another problem on my ARNOVA 10. I can’t turn on wifi anymore. Dunno why but when I try to press the turn on wifi it just become grey and does nothing. Would you know how to fix this ?

  54. I got a problem on my ARNOVA 10 since I installed this firmware. USB won’t work, PC to ARNOVA or USB to ARNOVA. Then I can’t downgrade the firmware. Do you know how I can downgrade my firmware, either to the first one from arnova or the 2.1 custom ?

  55. At first once the installation finished and my tablet was running 2.2. The browser kept force closing. The Google Android Market has alot of issues. You know all them apps that are available on 2.1 on the Google Android Market? Well for some reason 95% of the apps are GONE. I can’t download ADW, Facebook, Open Home and much more. I have been having to go on my desktop and search for specific APK apps that I use to be able to find right on the market. I am not sure if there is a bug or what but it would be great if it was looked at. I have had a few random crash/restarts. The wifi takes a dump on you once in a while but not as often as it used to. It still does not recognize the battery as well as I was hoping it was going to. Runs much faster then 2.1 but still is a little choppy. (When sliding from screen to screen etc. ) I do not see this tablet being able to perform anywhere near the newer high end models. I have not tested to see If any overclocking software will actually work now. I will let you know as soon as possible.

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