ARCHOS Smartphones now listed on the web: ARCHOS 35 Carbon, ARCHOS 50 Platinum, ARCHOS 53 Platinum


In their last financial and perspectives publication a few weeks ago, ARCHOS mentioned they would soon start to offer Smartphones. It’s not official yet, but there are already some product info available from e-stores in France, showing 3 models: the ARCHOS 35 Carbon, the 50 Platinum and the 53 Platinum, all three coming with 4 GB storage.
Listed as pre-sales at respectively €81.32, €199.72 and €239.19, we can expect some middle range rebadged Chinese phones. No more details about the phone specifications or availability dates given for now.

Prices from

ARCHOS_smartphones_skillinformatique_com_b also lists the phones, with a price a little higher.

Stay tuned for more info on ARCHOS Smartphones.

Via (in french)

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