Archos Smart Home will have support for 433Mhz devices in Smart Home environment


While the Archos Smart Home accessory pack should have been available back in March and is now slowly becoming available, Archos is still busy with developing new accessories for it. First, we revealed the Siren Tag in March and now we got information that the Smart Home pack will have support for 433 Mhz frequencies.

What will it offer? Well, here is what IoT world says: the 433 MHz bands used to dominate the remote control market because the available chips and components were cheaper than those for other frequencies. With recent advances, however, 433 MHz now offers no cost advantage over 900 MHz. Still, 433 Mhz produces less noise then 900 MHz networks, so that is probably the reason why Archos decided to go for that frequency. And compared with BLE technology, the 433 Mhz devices should support longer distance between the objects.

So far, we got hints for one 433 Mhz accessory from Archos – the smart plug. It looks quite simillar to the BLE Smart plug and will have the option to be remotely controlled.


Also, the Smart Home app will offer support for other 433 Mhz accessories. So far, Archos has added support to control your rolling shutters from the Smart Home app. An example of usage could even be opening/closing your garage door. The idea for it is not new with different 433 Mhz remotes selling on AliExpress. Archos just implemented the same idea in a quite elegant way – and it should take just five seconds to pair your remote with the Smart Home app. The only thing we don’t know now is whether all accessories will work that way or that this option will only work with specific brands.

rollingshutter-nowrmkSo soon you will not have to look half an hour for your remote just to close your windows? (picture from Alibaba)

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