ARCHOS Smart Home pack with 6 accessories to sell next month for €199


Announced just before CES 2014, the ARCHOS Smart Home is the first line of products from the manufacturer targeting home automation. In the center of the whole system is the Smart Home Tablet a 7″ Android tablet that helps users to take control of their home, easily managing and linking multiple miniaturized wireless objects and sensors around the house for simplified home information and automation. According to the product should start selling next month for €199 for the base station (7″ Android tablet) bundled with 6 sensors.


As mentioned by, the offer should include 6 accessories: 2 Mini-Cam, 2 movement detector and 2 Weather Tag (humidity / temperature) sensors. It is not clear if the movement detector is the Motion Ball that can detect movements in a room within 10 meters or the Movement Tag that can detect that a door, window or drawer is opened or closed. Don’t expect high def pictures with the mini cameras, according to ARCHOS specs they are limited to VGA resolution (640×480 pixels that is 0.3 mpixels). While the offer is quite complete, the ARCHOS Smart Plug, an important accessory that let users remotely control a power plug with the home automation system is unfortunately not part of the kit.



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