Archos Gen9 rooted custom firmware Clean_Slim&Fast (based on Archos 4.0.25)


surdu_petru on has just released a brand new rooted custom firmware for the Archos Gen9. It brings Google Face Unlock, root access and many optimizations to the Gen9 tablets. The installation is mainly targeted for developers and experienced users, it requires Archos Special Developer Edition firmware (SDE) to be installed on your tablet.

Custom firmware release notes

Clean_Slim&Fast V01

android system :
boot animation ;
rom deodexed ;
busybox updated and proper installed ;
zipalign on boot for all apk system/app/* & data/app/* ;
tweak fix permisions ;
optimize database with sqlite3 ;
optimize /system ext4 with new tweaks;
tweaks network;
activated ZRAM ;
replaced Superuser to fix some root issue ! ;
removed update system notification & online registration ;
removed almost all applications you can download for free from PlayStore !
kernel :
enabled init.d to run scripts ;
enabled I/O -> fast /data as in stock firmware 4.0.24 !
increase I/O on kernel with dinamic fsync() ;
enabled CLEANCACHE ;
enabled ZRAM ;

Clean_Slim&Fast V02 :

android system :
add item “Kernel version” on Settings -> About tablet
removed item “Baseband version” on Settings -> About tablet
add Face Unlock !
kernel :
build kernel from Archos source code with my Optimized Toolchains GCC 4.4.7 !

Clean_Slim&Fast custom firmware download

Download Clean_Slim& or Clean_Slim&
Local mirror:

Installation instructions

  • Connect USB cable ( PC <-> Tablet ) ;
  • unzip Clean_Slim&
  • put archos.ext4.update in your device, or > adb push archos.ext4.update mnt/storage/

  • go to recovery SDE and Remove Android kernel if you have already installed any official firmware !
  • go to Flash kernel & Initramfs and copy here zImage and initramfs.cpio.lzo -> in the new driver that appeared !
  • Ok ! … & wait to boot !
  • After complete installation, please restart the device again !
  • Notes:
    In the second boot, ( and only the second boot ) bootanimation may run slightly slowed !
    ( if your device is stuck on boot , please RESET your device ! …all should be OK after !!! )

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