Archos G9 ICS firmware update 4.0.26 available (Media Center, Audio, Video & Hard drive fixes)


ARCHOS has just released a firmware update version 4.0.26 for their Gen9 tablets. It corrects a few issues with the libraries in the Media Center, some Audio glitches, HDMI output on some DVI monitors and some problems on the Hard disk (250 Gb) based models.

According to the release information, the detailed changes are the following:

Version 4.0.26 – November 21th, 2012

  • Media libraries: fix crash during indexing caused by music that has metadata year that evaluates to 0
  • Media libraries: add notification indicating scanning is in process
  • Display: better detect screen resolution on HDMI output for some DVI monitors
  • Settings: display correct application size in the Settings->Applications->Running apps
  • Video: fix playback for some VOB files
  • Audio: fix sound glitches on various applications that are constantly changing sample rate
  • Hard drive based products: restore fast boot on hard drive based devices
  • Hard drive based products: fix loss of hard drive or 3G USB port after suspend happening sometimes

Archos G9 4.0.26 Firmware download

firmware_archos_it4.aos (205 Mb)

Firmware update procedure at

Archos Remote Control feature tested on an Archos 101 XS, works the same on the Gen9.


  1. I’ve got an arnova 80 9 g2 and can’t get google play, driving me suicidal is an understatement…. tryed downloading the G2 / nexus firmware from arc but just sayin not supported file…… please somebody help me resolve this where/what to do etc. Honesty I would be so gratful for someone in the knows help to get google play …… thanks

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