Archos Connected Self objects start shipping


Announced back in January, the connected self objects from Archos are now available from Archos online store.  The prices vary from 49€ to 69€, depending on the region you are located. In France, all three devices are selling for 59.99€, in the Netherlands, Spain, Poland and Italy they will cost you 69.99€ and in Germany, the Activity Tracker is the cheapest and costs only 49.99€ while the other two are on sale for 59.99€. Well, we are already used to different pricing strategy from Archos. 🙂

connected-selfIn case you forgot what the connected self objects do, here is a video from Charbax( showing the connected self objects in action:

Don’t forget that your smartphone had to be Android 4.3+ or iOS 5+ and feature Bluetooth 4.0 to support the connected self application.


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