ARCHOS 80 Cobalt rooted custom firmware avec 2Go pour les applications


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  1. Update 2 : I now have succeeded to start my Archos 80 Cobalt again, but I only have a black screen with the green Android robot upside down (with a red arrow). What should I do now. Please help me, I am waiting for your answers and will not do anything until then (not to do stupid and wrong things that I will regret). Thanks in advance.

      • Thanks. Ihave succeeded to recover my tablet witn a tutorial on the website of Archos. I have reinstalled te original firmware (with the Rockchip flashing Tool 1.8 on the Archos website), and then the update from march 2013. As the method was the same to install this firmware (in this page), I have done it for the third time to install this firmware to get the 2Gb storage for apps, and it worked very well.
        It was the first time I downloaded a custom ROM on a Android device, now I understand how it works. Thans for your answer (even if I managed to recover my tablet all by myself), it was not so difficult by the way, I only did not understand the way to do it at the first time, now it’s OK 🙂

  2. Update : I have succeeded to install the update image on my Archos 80 Cobalt this morning. Then I got my tablet in flashing mode. After that, i restarted my tablet in order to get it renognized from my PC to be able to select the firmware image with the Rockchip Tool, but my tablet asked me to reboot my tablet with the new firmare image. Idid so and since my tablet cannot restart. I think QI have bricked my tablet.
    What can I do ? Please help me.

  3. I cannot download the image on my tablet, there is not eough disk place. I have set erased all my apps, set it like if it was was just out from the factory, nothing has changed, there is alway this the problem of disk space. What can I do ?

  4. I downloaded the above mentioned .zip file and copied to the tablet, i got the option in the tablet, update is available select continue.. i clicked on it, firmware update went for 2 mins and after that my tablet is not even starting up.. please advice..

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