Archos/Arnova ChildPad review Part 2: Benchmarks


Benchmarks results

Test conditions:
– all devices were using latest firmware from the manufacturer
– all benchmarks were executed after all tasks have been killed
– test were run multiple times to check for consistent behaviour, the results shown here correspond to average values

Arnova ChildPad
Archos 70b IT Mpman MID74c Arnova 7G2
Test setup
Firmware version
Android 4.0.3
Build number eng.root.20120503
Android 3.2
Firmware version 3.2.80
Android 4.0.3
Build number 20120302
Android 2.3.1
Build number eng.root.20111213
AnTuTu bench
version 2.2
Total score
higher is faster
2167 2676 (version 2.6) 2847 2433
CF-Bench v1.1
Overall score
higher is faster
2089 2691 2328 2205
GPUBench v1.0.0
higher is faster
Absolute: 36112
Relative: 33041
not tested
Absolute: 38478
Relative: 37128
Absolute: 37822
Relative: 35594
Linpack PRO v 1.2.9
higher is faster
Single Thread: 13.648 MFLOPS
Multi-Thread: 13.457 MFLOPS
not tested 15.58 MFLOPS 14.35 MFLOPS
Best fps
higher is faster
24.7 FPS 14.3 FPS 31.7 FPS 31.5 FPS
Touch test 1 point 5 points 5 points 2 points
Quadrant Advanced 1.1.7
higher is faster
Total: 1797
CPU: 2863
Mem: 2302
I/O: 2433
2D: 818
3D: 569
Total: 1350
CPU: 3820
Mem: 1553
I/O: 664
2D: 186
3D: 525
Total: 1723
CPU: 1401
Mem: 1501
I/O: 3684
2D: 271
3D: 1760
Total: 1287
CPU: 1233
Mem: 1176
I/O: 2301
2D: 182
3D: 1544
Smartbench 2011 v1.2.1
higher is faster
Prod. index: 673
Games Index: 477
not working Prod. index: 491
Games Index: 1991
Prod. index: 428
Games Index: 1397
Vellamo v1.0.3 668 659 745 491

Benchmark results interpretation

Comparing two platforms with different versions of the operating system (Android 2.3 vs Android 4.0) isn’t an easy thing, but the benchmarks show that the ChildPad seems to be able to catch up the other tablets in this pricerange. The GPU performance of the Allwinner A10 processor used in a Mpman MID-74C is much better, but the ChildPad is only one out of the four tested tablets to feature 1GB of RAM. Though it features the same CPU and screen resolution as used in the Arnova 7G2(the ChildPad has additional 512MB of RAM), in some benchmarks it actually performs worse than the 7G2; probably due to the different operating system. Still, we would like to mention that the benchmark results don’t fully reflect the real life performance which we will discuss in the next part of our review.

I/O benchmark.

We tested the internal memory performance with Arctools application. It gave the following results:

Read: 15195 kB/s
Write: 6589 kB/s

We found the results quite good, close to Class 6 range.

Continue to Part 3: Real life performance.

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