Archos/Arnova ChildPad review Part 1: Introduction


The longly awaited Arnova ChildPad (first known as Archos ChildPad) has finally started shipping in the USA. This tablet is developed with children in mind and will be available in capacitive and resistive versions and with or without the Alvin UI. This review covers the Alvin model for the EU, with 4GB of flash memory, resistive screen(no dual-touch on this one); though it shares many specifications with other ChildPads.

Arnova ChildPad video unboxing&preview

Arnova ChildPad specifications

Operating System Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Linux Kernel Version: 3.0.8+
Build fingerprint: Android/rk29sdk/rk29sdk:4.0.3/IML74K/eng.root.20120503.144920:eng/test-keys
CPU single core Rockchip 2918 CPU running at 1 Ghz
Integrated GPU: Vivante Corporation GC800
Flash Storage Memory Capacity 4 GB
Speed: Read: 15195 kB/s Write: 6589 kB/s
System Memory 1024 Mb
Additional storage Micro SD slot (SDHC compatible)
Display 800×480 TFT LCD 7.0 inches
Resistive 1 point screen
Bluetooth No
Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Gravity Sensor Yes
Camera 0.3Mp (front facing)
Interfaces Micro USB host 2.0: Mass Storage Class (MSC)
MicroSD slot
Battery life Video playing test: 5 hours 15 minutes

check our Archos and Arnova battery tests page

Android Market / Google Play No (For children optimised Appslib application Marketplace)
Kickstand No
Dimensions 223 mm x 142 mm x 12.2 mm
Weight 342 g


Packaging is a little bit different from the other Archos and Arnova products, you will find in the box:
– an Arnova ChildPad tablet
– an USB cable (micro USB format) for charging the tablet
– an USB cable (micro USB format) for transferring files
– 4 papers that include: Arnova ChildPad User Guide, Arnova ChildPad Quick-Start Guide, Alvin advertising paper and  Legal and Safety Notices
– a power charger with one power socket (depends on region, we got an European one), input 100-240V, outputs 5V 1.5A

Tablet Design

The ChildPad shares its design with the Arnova 7d G3, the only difference are the colors. While Arnova 7d G3 is just black, the ChildPad is painted in nice-looking white and blue colors. The tablet is made of matte plastic, which should not catch fingertips that easily. Weighing 342 grams, it’s quite light and lies comfortable in hands. Nothing cracks, but compared to the more expensive Archos 70b IT; it looks a little bit cheaper. No patented stainless steel frame on the ChildPad, but the blue rubber frame around the screen feels nice.

The back is also made of matte, blue, soft plastic.

Arnova ChildPad buttons and connectors

The buttons and connectors are located on the right side of the tablet, we can find: power button, reset pinhole, the OTG micro USB, stereo 3.5mm earphone jack and a plastic cap covering the reserved space for an HDMI-port.

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