ARCHOS 97 Carbon custom firmware with root and 2 Gb space for apps, works with Arnova 9 G3 too !


ARCHOS 97 Carbon is an Android 4.0 ICS tablet featuring a great 9.7″ multipoint IPS screen, Rockchip RK2918 CPU and 1 Gb of RAM. The device comes unrooted and with a limited space for applications (500 Mb), we have modified the stock firmware to add full root, with write access to /system and 2 Gb extended space for applications. Guess what, this firmware works on Arnova 9 G3 too !

ARCHOS 97 Carbon custom firmware features

  • Full root support with writable /system partition
  • Root access is controled thru SuperSU.apk v0.95 (free version), a cool upgrade to SuperUser.apk by XDA developer Chainfire
  • Storage space for application (/data partition) extended to 2 Gb

  • Stock firmware offers about 500 Mb storage space to install applications

    Our custom firmware extends it to 2 Gb

    Testing our ARCHOS 97 Carbon rooted custom firmware on the Arnova 9 G3

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    Install procedure

    Before starting, please make sure you backup all your existing apps, data and files that are on your tablet as they will be erased during the flash process. Also make sure your device is connected to the power.

    Step 1. Download

    Kasty custom firmware download (version 0.42)

    This firmware is specific to the ARCHOS 97 CARBON and Arnova 9 G3 and should not be installed on other devices.




    Download the file above and extract the custom firmware image (update.img) on your computer hard drive.

    Step 2. Install and run Rockchip Flashing tool

    Please follow the Rockchip Flashing tool procedure: that will explain how to download Rockchip flashing tool, unpack the archive, put your device into flashing mode and flash the custom firmware file that you have unpacked in Step 1.

    Step 3. ARCHOS 97 CARBON / Arnova 9 G3 flashing and restart

    After Rockchip flasher has transferred the custom firmware to the tablet, the device will restart and install the firmware. Finally you will be back to Arnova default startup wizard.

    You will find the 3 easy steps of the installation procedure in the following video, see how to get Google Play and root to the Arnova 9 G3 in less than 10 minutes, it works the same on the ARCHOS 97 Carbon.

    Let us know how it works for you in our ARCHOS 97 Carbon forum.

    Great thanks to BlueSKYRiver member on our forum for his help with the firmware dump and tests.


    1. I did it, thank you so much! After some issue with the drivers I got the new firmware on my tablet ARCHOR 97 CARBON. I am so happy because now I have more space on it and it seems to go faster. The battery indicator shows constantly 100% but this is no problem for me 🙂 I only needed the extra space…

    2. Has anyone any ideas on why when I try to install from SD in CWM it first says e-signature error then asks if I still want to install un-trusted ZIp it aborts. no matter how many attempts it just aborts, is file corrupt or fake?
      I cannot use rockchip method for two reasons;
      1. Micro USB socket damaged – main usb will not connect to PC.
      2. Rockchip does not see any device – I tried to see if any tablet would connect, nothing.

      Help please 512MB of apps is not worth it.

    3. Thanks. Installed this last night and works rather well. The only difficult I had was to understand how to get to the flash mode for the Elements Carbon 97 model. Essentially, it was a case of having the USB cable plugged in, the tablet switched on and then selecting the HOME and POWER button simultaneously. After a few seconds, the screen goes blank (black) (almost looking like its been switched off), but that was not the case and essentially that was when it had entered flash mode.

      Gr8 work.

    4. i can’t get into recovery mood. as the picture told, “insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Home button”, but all i got is just restarting. can you describe more details about it? my 97 carbon’s version is 4.0.3.

      thank you very much!

      • I didn’t know my 97 was entering flash mode, there are no visual signs, the screen doesn’t change, it just stays black like it’s not on.

        I realised it was going into flash mode when it was connected to my PC via USB and I followed the instructions, I got the ‘found new hardware’ noise. Not the message mind. I needed to go into Device Manager where there was an unknown device and use the drivers in the Rockchip bundle to recognise the unknown device. Then the Rockchip flash tool would see it, and I could update the firmware.
        So, plug your device into your PC with a USB cable, insert a paperclip in the Reset pinhole of the tablet and press the Home button, wait till you hear the found new hardware noise, check Device Manager, etc etc and hopefully you’ll get there. It sounds like you definitely need to reflash the device anyway.

    5. This firmware seems reasonably stable on a 9 G3 but it has hung a few times and took about three reboots and two sets of calibration before it finally settled down…

      However, I agree with Marcojedi, the battery indicator no longer works and constantly shows 100%. I have also tried a Battery Indicator tool from Google Play and this does the same thing so I’m guessing there must be a hardware incompatibility in the firmware, between the Carbon and the G3 ?

      Any ideas how to fix this?

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