Test du smartphone ARCHOS 50 Platinum partie 1: déballage


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  1. Could you do a in-depth review of the processor capabilities, with benchmark results?
    I’m a little concerned about the GPU (Adreno 203 isn’t it?) on this soc. Could you post a video showing it’s gaming capabilties (games like dead trigger, shadowgun are good examples to test the gpu) please? I would really like to buy this cellphone!

  2. @Adonis K. I will do a short video in the next days. And regarding the root, well, I rooted already the Archos Platinum 53, but I can not test on this phone nothing, because is a sample and I should return it 🙂 in pristine condition, tough root, should be achievable also on the 50, at least for me which I have experience with these types of products.

    @lolxdptrd There are 2 screen protectors., both are coming with the phone and applied already on it.

    I will update the photos in the next days when the sun will hopefully appear also in UK. 🙂

  3. It’s not specified on the description, but on the pictures it looks like there’s a screen protector on the screen.

    Was it directly applied on the screen when you got it, or included, or maybe you’ve bought it separately (if it’s already applied it’s great).

    Great review btw.

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