Test de l’ Archos 35 Home Connect partie 2: Applications


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  1. Hi there
    Does anyone now how to root the device?
    I’d like to install squeezeplay on it but it says it is not compatible. I suppose because of the tiny screen. But because I’d be able to operate it remotely that would be a problem. I hope 🙂
    Any help appreciated…

  2. Thanks for information. So let’s wait and hope that the OS upgrade to Android 2.3 is taken into account for this nice device.

    BTW, I’ve done some other tests with SKYPE today, and communication was good, the sound was much better; so it seems quite sensitive to the quality of Wifi connection.

    And last, correcting the info I’ve given: the working version of SKYPE on the ARCHOS 35 HC with Android 2.2.1 is
    It was downloaded with GetJar.

  3. Hi,

    I just got the ARCHOS 35 Home connect; I’ve updated the OS to Android 2.2.1 (with internal updater).

    I think this is THE device for VIDEO CALLS. It’s unique.
    It’s very good for other functions such as web radio (excellent sound, and great choice of radios around the world), watching web TV, Youtube, Email, and even web browsing on websites not specific to mobiles !

    So, I’ve tried to install the latest version of SKYPE for ANDROID 2.2. No luck, couldn’t install the latest 2.6.x.x.

    BUT, I’ve managed to run the SKYPE version 2.5.119. Video is excellent, but sound is « chopped ». A newer version would hopefully fix this.

    I’m new to Android, so if anybody knows a good reason why the latest SKYPE 2.6.x for Android cannot be installed on this device ?
    An error message is returned, something close to « the device is not compatible with this software ».


    • Charles,
      Thanks for your feedback on the device.
      Most android apps work on the 35HC, but probably are not supported or certified by the software editors, as the device really have an exotic setup for a « tablet »: screen resolution, resistive screen, …
      Better Skype support may come later, but there is currenty no warranty. The Video call function for this device, as announced by Henri Crohas during the Keynote in June 2011 is currently not there and it probably won’t happen until the device gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread (Video function in Google Talk needs Android 2.3)

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