ARCHOS 101 XS avec keyboard cover à €287.33 + ports sur Amazon Italie [PROMO]


Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en Anglais Américain.


  1. After one month of daily use of this 101XS tablet, I do confirm the great value it brings for a reasonable price. I bought it for accessing the Android world while having an iPad2 and and iPhone4S for accessing the iOS world.
    I made a short calculation: for an indidual owner in Europe (taking into account the VAT)
    the 101XS can be compared with a new iPad as follows:

    iPad 64Gb Wifi = 714€ + HDMI 14€ + AV adapter 39€ + keyboard 64€ + Magnetic cover 39€ + Camera adapter 39€ = 904€ in TOTAL

    101XS 80Gb Wifi = 350€ + HDMI 14€ + microSDHC 64Gb 60€ + host USB cable 10€ = 434€
    (USB, keyboard and magnetic cover included)

    For a comparable high-end configuration, the iPad is thus more than twice more expensive than the 101XS. Of course, the iPad screen quality and the iOS range of applications may justify the additional cost.

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