Android 2.3 Gingerbread on ARCHOS Gen7 & Gen8 with OpenAOS CyanogenMod7 “Crow” release


OpenAOS team gave us a nice Christmas present with their “Crow” update, their port of CyanogenMod7 Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread to ARCHOS ARCHOS 5 IT (Gen7) and Gen8 tablets (Archos 28, 32, 35, 43, 70 and 101 IT)


Installation procedure

The installation procedure is available on OpenAOS site
You can also refer to our article for the installation procedure of previous OpenAOS release (most parts are still valid for this update)

Multiboot and OpenAOS CyanogenMod7 (previous version) installation on an Archos 70 IT (Gen8)

Android 2.3 Gingerbread files for ARCHOS Gen7 & Gen8

initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage kernel: kernel_gen7_20121225_010412.tar.gz, kernel_gen7_20121225_010412.tar.gz (mirror)
CM7 OpenAOS “Crow” rootfs: openaos-gingerbread-crow-gen7-125203.img.gz

initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage kernel: kernel_gen8_20121225_093548.tar.gz, kernel_gen8_20121225_093548.tar.gz(mirror)
CM7 OpenAOS “Crow” rootfs: openaos-gingerbread-crow-gen8-125203.img.gz, openaos-gingerbread-crow-gen8-125203.img.gz (mirror)


The changelog for “Crow” release final is the following:
Fixes for gen7/gen8:

Updated gapps download link bookmark in browser <– note this will only update when you use a new data.img. Airplane mode works now and doesn’t mess with wifi anymore <– You will need a new data.img to let this properly work. Improved deep sleep. Some things I may have forgotten about. Updated to latest CM7 source code. Turned of rooted device for original firmware by default, because unionfs eats some resources on gen7 which slow down the device a bit. It can be enabled in advanced menu in the openaos bootmenu.

Fixes for gen8:

Mounting external sdcard on pc works internal storage not.
USB host support, keyboard, mouse works
Usb stick works and is mounted on the folder usb_host in /mnt/storage
Clicking noice when going to deep sleep is almost entirely gone, but it can still come back in some cases a reboot will fix it when it comes back.
Youtube video playback fixed. SD clips play just fine, however HD can have some stuttering (hardware restriction).
Resizing when rotating the display should be solved for A101IT. I couldn’t test it yet on A70 and A43 maybe they still need some minor adjustments.
Removed mounting of the dangerous rawfs partition

Please remember that this firmware is a work in progress, please report any bugs to OpenAOS issue tracker.

Source: OpenAOS page


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