ADB driver update for Archos/Arnova/MPMan and other Android devices

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is a toolkit for Android developers to communicate with connected an Android-powered device or an emulator instance. ADB is supplied in Android SDK but requires specific drivers or setup on some devices.

Archos ADB drivers

Archos released an update for the ADB driver for their tablets earlier this year. The archive can be downloaded on Archos FTP server (8.3 MB).
Unfortunately, support for many Arnova devices is missing.

ADB setup for other Archos/Arnova/MPMan

We updated the drivers settings to get ADB support more Archos, Arnova, MPMan and other Android devices.



Updates history:
2012/06/30: Added ADB driver support for Arnova ChildPad (both capacitive and resistive models) and Arnova 8c G3
Thanks exelletor for the info

2012/06/06: Added ADB driver support for Arnova 7 G3
Thanks lothse for the info
2012/05/12: Added ADB driver support for Arnova 7e G2 eReader DT (Dual Touch)
Thanks cajl for lending me the device ;)
2012/05/01: Added ADB driver support for MPMan MID74c

Supported devices in our drivers update

ArchosArchos Gen7
Archos HT
Archos Gen8
Archos Gen9
Archos 70b IT
ArnovaArnova 7bG2 Dual Touch (DT)
Arnova 7cG2
Arnova 8 G2
Arnova 8b G2 DT (resistive)
Arnova 7e G2 DT eReader
Arnova 10G2

ADB picture from