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Our friends from Crew RKTablets (Oma7144, JochenKauz, Astralix, netlars and the rest of the team) have been doing an amazing job to improve features, stability and performance for many Rockchip based devices (RK2918, RK3026, RK3066, RK3188) with custom firmwares on their blog and forum support.
Other active contributors (such as DarthJabba member in our forum) are also providing great help with custom firmwares.

The objective of this page is to support contributors efforts getting firmwares to work on more devices.

You may also be interested in supporting project, to help us to keep the site alive.

Thank you in advance for your support to Crew RKTablets and contributors.

You can donate the amount of choice using the Paypal form below:

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Thank you for supporting Crew RKTablets and contributors by donating using the Paypal form below or visiting our Donations page. Donations will be used to contribute to their efforts and help them support more devices.

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