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Sharing - Giving - Growing picture We are working hard to provide you up to date, complete information and support about ARCHOS, Arnova and Android devices.

This work involves a lot of time spent on writing articles, making tutorials, videos, developing software or modifying firmwares, it also costs us money to pay for the server hosting and buy the new products. We are very proud to be independent from ARCHOS company, this allows us to give transparent information that you may very much appreciate.

We need your support to keep the site running and continue to provide custom firmwares, information and tools on blog and forum.

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  1. My PIPO M9 pro 3g got bricked when I attempted to install the official Pipo upgrade.

    After 3 frustrating days trying to recover without success I found this site and downloaded your .img file.

    It worked first time. No errors have shown up so far.And I have the added bonus of the rooted OS, it’s win, win!

    Many thanks. Keep up the good work!

  2. My donation for all your work on the Cube U30gt2 and all the information I have learned from by visiting your site. Keep up the great work and i hope to be visitng you for a long time. This will definetly not be my last donation either!

  3. A donation for info obtained from your website. I am a pure novice, don’t understand the lingo but still managed to get my second hand 10bG3 functioning, well sort of. Will need more help hopefully when the firmware guru get back from his holidays. Many Thanks.

  4. Great work. I downloaded for use on the Onda V972 (v1). It’s great; the firmware supplied by Onda is useless and my tablet was effectively a brick for 3 months, but this firmware makes it fantastic. Many thanks!