USB Host problem on Archos 101


It has recently been brought to our attention that some Archos 101 IT tablets are having USB host problems.

If your tablet does not recognize your storage USB device, we recommend to test the USB host function with a regular USB keyboard or mouse, as your storage USB device may not be supported.  If your tablet still does not recognize simpler devices, then you should contact Archos support to confirm the failure and issue an RMA to get a new device.

Current user feedback shows that this issues occurs more frequently on devices with board version 5.

You can identify your board version going in Settings/About device, the board version will be in the bottom of the list. (v5 means version 5)


  1. A have Archos 101 G9 motherboard A101S-V5, and USB doesn’t work… Tablet see that I put in my USB flash drive, but in bookmark- the settings-> the memory, is the only “USB Connect” and after pressing nothing happens, just in Files tab does not see anything

  2. Good day, im from philippines and got my archos in singapore, I tested my hdmi out but not functioning, also my usb input doesn’t recognize devices even simple mouse device. I send my complain a couple of times on archos costumer services but nobody is interested on my problem.

  3. My Archos 101it motherboard version is V6 and had trouble with USB after upgrade firmware from 2.0.54 to 2.0.71 and not fix until now (2.1.8)

    Referred your article, I tried to contact Archos representative in Indonesia, and I got a new one.

    But, the new one have a motherboard version V5 !!

    USB port works properly.

    thanks for your article!!


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