USB Ethernet support on Archos G9 3.2.56 firmware


Noname USB Dongle on an Archos 80 G9, picture from Benmars (

Latest 3.2.56 firmware for Archos G9 devices adds USB LAN Ethernet support on the micro USB port of the tablet.

Appart from some cheap chinese tablets, this feature is quite unique in the Android Tablet world, thanks Archos for putting that in the G9 tablets. Having a wired connection could help you disable WIFI when not necessary and enjoy a wired network connection if you suspect that WIFI electromagnetic fields have bad effects on health. Ethernet support will also help you to connect your tablet to places where wired network is accessible, such as hotels, airports…

Trendnet TU2-ET100 USB to Ethernet 10/100Mbps Adapter

Powered by USB port, no external power adapter required
AMAZON USAUsually ships in 24 hours$ 14.09
AMAZON UKUsually dispatched within 1-2 business days£ 12.08
AMAZON FRHabituellement expédié sous 24 h17.99 EUR

According to Archos, USB Ethernet devices with the following chipsets should work:

ChipsetTested Ethernet USB product and result
ASIX AX88xxx
Trendnet TU2-ET100 (chipset AX88772) tested OK by
Dacomex: chipset ASIX AX88772 tested OK by BenMars@Archoslounge

USB 2.0 to GigaLAN Adapter, chipset ASIX AX88178, tested OK by BenMars@Archoslounge
Davicom DM9601
NetChip 1080
MosChip MCS7830

Please let us know if you successfully tried an Ethernet USB adapter so we can update this table.



  1. This is a nice feature to be able to use.. but aren’t all next gen tablets (android 3.2+) going to have the same USB capability? Meaning, this is not just specific to the Archos g9 tablets.. I’m sure you can find that the newest Samsung, Motorola or other dual core tablets have the same capability…

    • Offering this feature is technically possible for any tablet with an USB port.
      I just acknowledge that Archos did pretty good to implement it on their devices, with a broad range of USB ethernet device support.
      Let’s hope that other manufacturers will follow…

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