UrukDroid goes 1.0 featuring install on internal storage, ext4, full r/w access, su (root) and overclocking CPU

The great UrukDroid custom firmware for Gen8 devices just turned 1.0 final.
Urukdroid firmware is made by $auron from xda-developers , it offers the following great features: ext4 file system, root access, full read/write access to file system, a specific UrukConfig application and 3G dongles and DVB-T modules support. Archos SDE is required to install UrukDroid.



UrukDroid 1.0 (30.04.2011) “For he is the Kwisatz´╗┐ Haderach

  • [FIX] sshfs missing files fix
  • [FIX] EasyInstall: changed datafs max size from 2GB to 1.95GB (for market to work), fixed partition sizes for A101 16GB when doing internal install with resize, fixed installation for A70H devices
  • [NEW] small script to copy UrukDroid files from SDCard (external) to Internall (copy_from_sd_to_internal.sh)
  • [CHANGE] Changed behaviour of dvb service (device configuration)
  • [FIX] Added some missing modules for DVB support
  • [CHANGE] New kernel modules for more dvb devices (but it requires manual loading and testing)
  • [NEW] rsync tool
  • [CHANGE] swap service now can work on swap partition (or like before on swap file), also after mounting sdcard ext4 partition
  • [NEW] Ad-Hoc WiFi connection support by WPA service (networks are visible with “*” on beginning of it’s SSID)
  • [CHANGE] Some new progress indicators during install/upgrade
  • [NEW] Simple Animation during late phase of bootup
  • [NEW] New services: cifs (to load cifs modules), wpa (ad-hoc wifi)
  • [NEW] Added cgroups kernel setting
  • [NEW] Moved some modules dependencies (cifs,ntfs,dvb) to /etc/modprobe.d
  • [NEW] EasyInstall has now simple “Repair” option to reformat rootfs, and install from scratch (this operation preserves all application data from datafs)
  • [NEW] Installation package brings WiFi manager, File Manager and Terminal application
  • [CHANGE] New UrukConfig application

You can download files here or here

We also have setup a mirror here:

Here is the video from previous release (0.6) easy installation process.

Installing instructions (from previous 0.7 release)


Step one

Assuming you have already installed SDE from Archos:

Download and extract installation files from archive UrukDroid_0.7-EasyInstall.rar. Inside you should find three files: initramfs.cpio.gz, zImage and UrukDroid-install.tgz

Flash initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage from SDE boot menu:

  • power on Archos70, hold up/+ volume key until you see “Archos AXXXX – Boot Menu“,
  • choose “Recovery System”->”Developer Edition Menu”->”Flash Kernel and Initramfs”,
  • connect Archos to PC and copy zImage and initramfs.cpio.gz
  • press power button shortly, you should see Archos flashing new kernel
  • if flashed properly, press power button shortly to reboot…

Boot to SDE:

  • power on Archos, hold up/+ volume key until you see “Archos AXXXX – Boot Menu“,
  • choose “Developer edition”

You should see “UrukDroid 07 Installation framework”. Please choose simple install method. When asked to, connect Archos to PC once again and copy UrukDroid-install.tgz, disconnect Archos from PC _properly_ (umount, safely remove device etc.) and press power button shortly.

Later, you will be also able to choose whether you want to copy /data partition. It’s recommended not to – but you have this option.

For advanced install method – look below.

After reboot you should see UrukDroid 0.7 boot up screen (if it happens to boot to stock OS, reboot once again and go to “Boot menu”, choose “Developer edition”). With messages on bottom. It should be:

  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Boot: Mounting rootfs….”
  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Boot: Mounting /data….”
  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Boot: System installation in progress, please wait…” (this step may take several minutes)
  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Boot: Copying /data content, please wait….” (only if you choose to copy data, this step may take several minutes)
  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Boot: Switching to rootfs….”
  • “UrukDroid 0.7 Rootfs: Postinstallation in progress. Please wait…” (this step takes 1-2 minutes)
  • “Black screen” – it’s a few minutes window when we can’t show logo and there is no interface yet – please be patient…

If first run of “Archos configuration wizard” creates “Force close” errors, please reboot device (hold power button shortly for more than 1 second, this will bring “Power menu” and press power button long until “Reboot” message will appear).


Step two: optional

If you want GoogleMarket (and required component to make it work) you can install UrukDroid package – UrukDroid-GoogleMarket_1.0.tbz2. (files inside this packaged are base on kenyu73 work).

If you copied your old /data, you cannot have installed any other version of Market. If you apply this update, on previously installed market/vending etc. – it won’t work. This packaged is tested with fresh install of Uruk – where it works.

Download archive and put it in UrukUpdate directory located on /data partition

(so path is /data/UrukUpdate/). You should do it directly from internet browser on Archos Tablet, file manager like Astro or terminal – you shouldn’t do it over USB.

Installation process will start automatically and silently, file will disappear from that folder after it’s done. To run Market, restart is required when you’ll be ready.

Advanced EasyInstall

Since UrukDroid 0.7 you are able to choose, during install process, method called “Advanced”. This option will give you possibility to choose partition sizes (from defined list of choices) when installing to SDCard or formatting Internal storage.

You are also able to choose Internal method installation with “resize” option. This method will try to reduce size of your current internal storage (visible on stock OS under /mnt/storage) and create additional filesystems. You cannot choose here filesystem sizes (it will use default/simple one 512MB for rootfs and 1GB for datafs) and YOU MUST assure enough free space on shrink filesystem. So MAKE SURE your /mnt/storage has AT LEAST 1.7GB free space – preferably more – otherwise this method will fail. This condition is not checked during install process.


  1. an issue with * droid: ( both android and uruk droid )

    /sdcard links to /mnt/storage
    /storage links to /mnt/storage
    the sdcard gets mounted in /mnt/storage/sdcard

    consequentially, the sdcard never gets used because most apps still expect it
    to be mounted on /sdcard ( mapdroyd, aldiko, email )

    to fix this, you need to do the following.

    su ( and approve root allowance for shell )
    cd /
    rm sdcard
    ln -s /mnt/storage/sdcard .

    linking on /mnt/storage is not possible, it is a vfat filesystem.

  2. Just tried it out ( archos 101 tablet )

    after the basics, the final config initially gets stuck on chg your language. after skipping that via options, u get the accelero meter calibration, that works, and then I got the UI.

    Which confused me, because it looks exactly like archos android, except for much less icons / apps
    so, after double checking, via terminal emulator, I found it was indeed urukdroid. then i got wifi to work with the urukcfg widget.
    browsed a little with browser, works.

    then i started google android market (which i installed under archos ? ), the usual email config, market started, and then i got stuck.

    so far so good, nice work, thanks !!!


    • in addition to previous :

      the hang in the initial config seems to be related to my “trust” mini keyboard/trackpad.
      once it was removed (it worked!!) the config reacted and responded as it should and the appslib stuff was installed and everything seem to be ok.

      then reconnected the mini keyboard again, and no issues.


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