Video UrukDroid 0.6 EasyInstall, ext4, full r/w access, su (root), SDE

UrukDroid goes EasyInstall, Linux is no more required to partition/format/copy files to the memory card.

UrukDroid is a modification of Archos Android system that offers additional features such as:

  • ext4 file system
  • root access
  • support for 3G Dongle and DVB-T
  • new services like Samba and SSHD
  • and much more
File is available here: UrukDroid_0.6-EasyInstall.rarIt requires Archos SDE to be installed.

UrukDroid is developped by $auron from

This is instruction how to install modified Archos Android system, using SDE from Archos.


  • ext4 (much faster than ext3, can store files >4GB comparing to FAT32)
  • full r/w access to every part of system
  • root (su + superuser.apk) out of the box
  • new services like: samba, sshd
  • possibility to remove some google/Archos apps
  • swap memory in RAM (CompCache) or on disk by default or when you need it
  • no 300MB limit for apps (and no faulty app2sd required)
  • you can have SD card Class 8/10 – that can be much faster than internal flash (check this thread)
  • some new kernel modules (usbserial, ntfs, 3G modems etc.)
  • iptables, DVB-T support
  • updated modules, firmware (like WiFi)
  • and much, much more – to much to mention all here – please read changelog


  • Be aware that this modification requires SDE and probably some Linux knowledge.
  • By doing described below steps you probably can’t brick your Archos – but do it on your own risk.
  • Root access on your devices makes it less secure form malicious software (use more head – less fingers )

Known problems:

  • Some reported problems with waking up from soft sleep on A70H
  • when working with copied /data OpenVPN connection from UI does not work (manually does) – to be fixed

Before you start:

  • Read about SDE on forum, read SDE warning on Archos page before install
  • Install some terminal emulator from Market (eg. "Android Terminal Emulator")
  • All operations described here, are done on Linux or Android and should be done from root user (you can switch to that user in terminal by typing "su" or "sudo su" command)
  • If you don’t have Linux on your PC – find any recent Rescue CD, Live CD or Virtual disk (VirtualBox or VMware) – distributions does not matter. If you don’t know what to choose – get Rescue CD from above link.
  • This method REQUIRES 2GB+SDHC (SD)

Since UrukDroid 0.6 there is new automated install method. It put’s some restriction on flexibility of installation – but it should satisfy most of user, for more experienced ones – you can do it in old way.

Step one

Assuming you have already installed SDE from Archos:

Download and extract installation files from archive UrukDroid_0.6-EasyInstall.rar. Inside you should find three files: initramfs.cpio.gz, zImage and UrukDroid-install.tgz

Flash initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage from SDE boot menu:

  • power on Archos70, hold up/+ volume key until you see "Archos AXXXX – Boot Menu",
  • choose "Recovery System"->"Developer Edition Menu"->"Flash Kernel and Initramfs",
  • connect Archos to PC and copy zImage and initramfs.cpio.gz
  • press power button shortly, you should see Archos flashing new kernel
  • if flashed properly, press power button shortly to reboot…

Boot to SDE:

  • power on Archos70, hold up/+ volume key until you see "Archos AXXXX – Boot Menu",
  • choose "Developer edition"

You should see UrukDroid installation process. Please answer it’s question and when asked to, connect Archos to PC once again and copy UrukDroid-install.tgz.

You will be also able to choose whether you want to copy /data partition. It’s recommended not too – but you have this option.

After reboot you should see UrukDroid 0.6 boot up screen. With messages on bottom. It should be:

  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Boot: Mounting rootfs…."
  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Boot: Mounting /data…."
  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Boot: System installation in progress, please wait…" (this step may take several minutes)
  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Boot: Copying /data content, please wait…." (only if you choose to copy data, this step may take several minutes)
  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Boot: Switching to rootfs…."
  • "UrukDroid 0.6 Rootfs: Postinstallation in progress. Please wait…" (this step takes 1-2 minutes)
  • "Black screen" – it’s a few minutes window when we can’t show logo and there is no interface yet – please be patient…


Step two: optional

If you want GoogleMarket (and required component to make it work) you can install UrukDroid package – UrukDroid-GoogleMarket_1.0.tbz2. (files inside this packaged are base on kenyu73 work).

Before you do that, you cannot have installed any other version of Market. If you apply this update, on previously installed market/vending etc. – it won’t work. This packaged is tested with fresh install of Uruk – where it works.

Download archive and put it in UrukUpdate directory located on /data partition

(so path is /data/UrukUpdate/). You should do it directly from internet browser on Archos Tablet, file manager like Astro or terminal – you shouldn’t do it over USB.

Installation process will start automatically and silently, file will disappear from that folder after it’s done. To run Market, restart is required when you’ll be ready.

Files (UrukDroid-0.6):


UrukDroid_0.6-EasyInstall.rar (md5sum: 21fed654e4b1a226b6fa8c1b5a1d305d)

UrukDroid-GoogleMarket_1.0.tbz2 (md5sum: f5427bdefa633d52210cd4ace47ba128)


Special thanks also go for supporters: Andrew, Scott, Serguei, Jean Luc, Chirayu, Scott, Tom, Sarju, Przemek, Jason, Stephen and Carl

0.6+ logo by zizoom

0.5 logo by OCAL

UrukDroid 0.6 (11.02.2011) Eye of the Uruk… in new logo

  • [CHANGE] Merged changes from Archos firmware 2.1.2/2.1.3/2.1.4
  • [CHANGE] DVB support with LiveTV.apk from chulri (for selected cards, there are more modules then listed in /etc/uruk.conf/dvb – but it requires to do some experiment and report it back)
  • [CHANGE] Changed Uruk service to work better with new UrukConfig
  • [NEW] New services: openvpn, mediascanner
  • [NEW] IO Benchmark tool:
  • [NEW] Possibility to turn off mediascanner and use it on demand only
  • [FIX] Fixed script to work with 2.1.2 ext3 partitions
  • [NEW] Updated boot sequence with progress during upgrade/install
  • [NEW] You can hide soft buttons (Archos buttons) with UrukConfig
  • [NEW] Easy Install method – no need to know anything about Linux – just plug and wait…
  • [NEW] Kernel modules for 3g dongle

UrukDroid 0.5 (27.01.2011) Tom Bombadil… in red

  • [NEW] CompCache (aka ramzswap) support
  • [NEW] New CPU governor – interactive. Ported from XDA CyanogenMOD
  • [NEW] DVB: applied patches by chulri, Siano SMS1XXX USB support
  • [NEW] DVB: modules from outside kernel tree
  • [NEW] Some more GNU tools: gzip utils, zip utils, unzip utils, nc (NetCut for DVB streaming)
  • [CHANGE] New services model – so they can be easily run/configured with help of UI
  • [NEW] New kernel modules: usbnet, lzo
  • [NEW] Mediascanner modification – it should has much, much smaller impact on system performance
  • [NEW] sqlite3 (3.5.9) installed, for easy database file manipulation
  • [NEW] after restart of UrukDroid it will boot once again to Uruk without need of pressing any buttons, to boot on stock OS please use boot menu
  • [FIX] fixed so it will mount first ext4 partition on sdcard if exist, and will not interfere with Vold if its vfat
  • [CHANGE] New update/upgrade/flash model – everything done on UrukDroid – no boot menu required
  • [NEW] New application to configure UrukDroid – UrukConfig.apk. Installed with this release. Can be uninstalled in default way.
  • [FIX] Fixed corrupted logo in A101
  • [NEW] Unified kernel for UrukDroid on SDCard and internal storage (A70S/A101)
  • [CHANGE] Services ENABLED with this release: CpuGovernor, CompCache

UrukDroid 0.4.2 (21.01.2011)

  • Just extracted as a separate update file GoogleMarket

UrukDroid 0.4.1 (15.01.2011) Myyy preciousssss…

  • Some more tools like: bc, proc utils, vim, tcpdump, bzip2, tar etc.
  • Android apps (Market, Maps, Talk, Calendar, Contact, Feedback, Locator, Updater) by default
  • Samba (3.2.5) support for sharing /mnt/storage (internal and sdcard storage) from Archos
  • Dropbear SSH server
  • Backported modprobe, depmod etc. tools for modules management
  • WiFI driver recompiled, WiFi HW firmware update (from to
  • Initial DVB-T support (Afatech AF9005, Afatech AF9015, DiBcom DiB0700, Terratec CinergyT2/qanu)
  • Bootlogo with progress steps
  • Cleanups of initramfs and rootfs
  • EXT4 drivers backported from 2.6.30 – some mount changes (to prevent config files corruption)
  • Initial A70H support
  • SDCard/HD layout changed
  • Autoupgrade service and installation helper
  • ADB fixes
  • Removed two apps. TelephonyProvider.apk, Phone.apk
  • Since 0.4 all services are DISABLED by default, to enable it edit proper config file in /etc/uruk.conf/

UrukDroid 0.3 (9.01.2011) Rise my Uruk… not yet Hai 😛

  • iptables, ntfs support
  • some more USB modules: usbserial, pl2303
  • fixed bluetooth problem (not working in Uruk 0.2)
  • automounting improvements (much more bulletproof)
  • new configuration files (/etc/uruk.conf/) to enable/disable features
  • new Uruk services (/etc/uruk.d/)
  • some more GNU utils openssh-client, coreutils
  • USB charging enabled (NOT tested!!!) – It would required much more power then standard USB in PC can give, use USB wall/car charges or double/triple USB cables

UrukDroid 0.2 (5.01.2011) Go GNU release

  • "smart" automounting script (that will mount ext4/vfat third partition from sdcard in RIGHT place, AFTER internal storage is mount)
  • plenty of useful GNU tools: whole e2fstools (mkfs, fsck for ext2/ext3/ext4), parted (for partition resize, format etc.), vfat tools, new toolbox, mtr, top, strace, bash – and much more (look in /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/sbin)
  • swap memory ON by default (50MIB file /swap01.file)
  • required compiled libraries libparted, libncurses, libe2fs… etc. (look in /usr/local/lib)
  • new text editor in text mode: nano (my favourite)
  • some init.rc cleanups
  • kernel changes (mostly toward console output)
  • fixed small (but problematic) misconfiguration in Archos (yep original one) Android in linking /etc/mtab

UrukDroid 0.1 (30.12.2010) Initial "release"

  • recompiled kernel with ext4, nfs4, fb console
  • added su and superuser.apk
  • bootup changes (to make it work)

Features planed in next releases:

  • backup scripts
  • proxy settings
  • adhoc working
  • CynanogenMOD parts backported
  • OC/UC kernel be default


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