Using ArcTools Google Play / Android Market and Apps installer for Archos and Arnova tablets

Most Archos and Arnova tablets are not certified by Google and do not offer Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) and Apps access but provide Archos own Marketplace: Appslib.

The tutorial below applies only to Archos Gen8 Internet Tablets. For other devices, including Arnova G1, Arnova G2 or Arnova G3 tablets, you will need a custom firmware, please refer to the “Tablets” menu above to find your device in the list, so you will access the custom firmware.

Installating Google Play / Android Market and Apps with ArcTools (tutorial for Archos Gen8 devices only)

Here is a quick video for this tutorial:

  1. Prepare your device.
  2. If you have just installed your machine for the first time, you can skip this step.

    In other case, specially if you already have a Market installer application on your device, you need to reset your device

    > This will reinstall your system, deleting your installed applications, your video, music and personnal files on /storage folder and the sdcard are not affected)
    Go to Settings Menu, select Repair & formatting

    select Reset Android

    Click OK, your device will rebootall your files (data, video, music) will be kept, your installed application will be reset.

    After reboot, please follow the Startup Wizard to setup your device

  3. We recommend that you download and install ArcTools thru Appslib, which should be installed by default on your device. You can find Appslib shortcut on your home screen on the tablet.

    Then search for ArcTools

    Then click on install
    Install or replace application

    Alternatively, you can download ArcTools from the web directly on your tablet or thru another machine and then copy it to your tablet

  4. Start ArcTools (it should start automatically right after installation)
  5. Download Google Apps. Leave Apps selector to recommenced version “Default Apps & Market v2.2.7“, selecting other Apps may result in unstable Market or Applications.
    Install downloaded Google Apps Press “Install Apps” button When “Install complete” message is displayed, your applications are installed and you should immediately reboot your device.
  6. Start Market and configure your Google account

After installing ArcTools, when you have the Market running, if you are missing some applications in the Market (for example Google Maps, Youtube, …) there is a fix that should correct the problem and give you full access to Market applications.
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