Using ArcTools Google Play / Android Market and Apps installer for Archos and Arnova tablets


Most Archos and Arnova tablets are not certified by Google and do not offer Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) and Apps access but provide Archos own Marketplace: Appslib.

The tutorial below applies only to Archos Gen8 Internet Tablets. For other devices, including Arnova G1, Arnova G2 or Arnova G3 tablets, you will need a custom firmware, please refer to the “Tablets” menu above to find your device in the list, so you will access the custom firmware.

Installating Google Play / Android Market and Apps with ArcTools (tutorial for Archos Gen8 devices only)

Here is a quick video for this tutorial:

  1. Prepare your device.
  2. If you have just installed your machine for the first time, you can skip this step.

    In other case, specially if you already have a Market installer application on your device, you need to reset your device

    > This will reinstall your system, deleting your installed applications, your video, music and personnal files on /storage folder and the sdcard are not affected)
    Go to Settings Menu, select Repair & formatting

    select Reset Android

    Click OK, your device will rebootall your files (data, video, music) will be kept, your installed application will be reset.

    After reboot, please follow the Startup Wizard to setup your device

  3. We recommend that you download and install ArcTools thru Appslib, which should be installed by default on your device. You can find Appslib shortcut on your home screen on the tablet.

    Then search for ArcTools

    Then click on install
    Install or replace application

    Alternatively, you can download ArcTools from the web directly on your tablet or thru another machine and then copy it to your tablet

  4. Start ArcTools (it should start automatically right after installation)
  5. Download Google Apps. Leave Apps selector to recommenced version “Default Apps & Market v2.2.7“, selecting other Apps may result in unstable Market or Applications.
    Install downloaded Google Apps Press “Install Apps” button When “Install complete” message is displayed, your applications are installed and you should immediately reboot your device.
  6. Start Market and configure your Google account

After installing ArcTools, when you have the Market running, if you are missing some applications in the Market (for example Google Maps, Youtube, …) there is a fix that should correct the problem and give you full access to Market applications.
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  1. Hi,
    my google play market does not work any more it constantly crashes…but i do not have the arctools installed and in this arclib i can only find a donate version. Can somebody help me to get the normal arc tools version to fix my google play market?


  2. OK so when I tried to install this to my Arches 70 I got all the way to where I was ready to install the market place and instead of saying free it said donate so I didn’t know what to o just installed the latest gappinstaller and it is very unstable with the app and my firmware so what is my next step?

  3. Archos 101 Internet Tablet (Gen8) permanently rooted, loading Developer Edition by default. Followed steps including resetting (was unnecessary though), then:
    – Installed Arctools,
    – Downloaded Market & Apps v 3.3.4,
    – installed apps,
    – rebooted.

    Result: Market is available, but upon launch craps out with an error “process has stopped unexpectedly”.

    – Trying to install previous versions won’t work either.
    – Trying to remove apps nothing happens so now can’t uninstall the non-working market.

  4. Just did this tonight and it seems to have worked fine, after a few tries. What I would love to know is how I can get the settings menu featured on the tablet on this tutorial on my Arnova 10 G2. It would be very useful to have the Repair and Formatting option in Settings. Thanks.

  5. Does anybody have the solution to the 28&20 errors?

    I have the Archos 7c home tablet, on the back it says SOVA70CHT. I’m trying to install the new firmware, after installing the new firmware i activate wifi without any problems. But i don’t see ArcTools. So i downloaded that, sent it to my gmail and open the mail with the tablet. Then i can install ArcTools. So far everything fine.
    If i start ArcTools 0.61 i choose Default Apps & Market v2.2.7, select download, this is al working. But then i select Install apps, i get two errors.
    Error 28: Cannot create temporary directory
    Error 20: File copy failed

    Can anybody help me, tell me what i need to do?


  6. Hi, I have a arnova 10 g2

    i followed all your steps and after downloading the market I tried to access it. when i got to login page I logged in and it came up with a page saying

    “can’t establish a reliable connection to the server. this could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. if it continues call customer care.”

    Any ideas how I can fix this and why google thinks I’m using a phone?????

  7. Hi

    Archos 70 250gb Internet Tablet

    I would be grateful if someone could help me with a problem I am encountering. I have downloaded the Arctools 0.60 and have tried to download Android Market, which is defaulted to v3.0.26, without success. The error message is “error 25 file copy error” in relation to check the device is not mounted on usb.

    The tablet is definitely not mounted on usb. The firmware has been updated to 2.4.81 (Android 2.2.1).

    Could the error be due to the updated firmware? Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi – Like lots of others, I get errors when trying to install this.

    I’ve tried both the 0.60 version that’s on appslib, and the 0.57 version I found online. I’ve tried it with, and without an sd card installed, and reset my device numerous times.

    I have an archos A7EB, firmware version 1.0.4.

    Every single time I download perfectly fine, and then when I press the “install apps” button I get the following two errors:

    “Error 28: cannot create temporary directory”
    “Error 20: File copy failed”

    Does anyone have any advice how to get around these errors?

  9. hiiiiii, plz i want from any one to help me,

    I just installed a new firmware and when I put my gmail account to market this message appeared

    cant establish a reliable data connection to the server
    this could be temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services, if it continues call customer care

    so plz tell me what i should do???
    thanks alot for all of u

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      • Hi all,

        Much the same, I’ve got also the Error codes 20 y 28:

        Error code 28: Cannot create temporary Directory
        Error code 20: File Copy

        It’s a brand new product with the latest Firmware update: 6.1.8. Here you have more details about the Tablet.

        Product: Arnova 10
        Model: 101B
        Firmware (last update): 6.1.8.
        Kernel Version: 2.6.25

        Any clue about where the problem lays?. Help will be more than appreciated


        PS: I tried also before the firmware update (1.1.7) and the problem was the same :-/

  11. Hi, I am the new owner of a archos 43. Id like to talk about my experience since it was kind of different from the screenshot here.

    First I had the “error 43” It was resolve by another try, without the usb cable plugged in.
    Then at the last step installation, I thought it failed because only 1 line appear after the install.

    After the reboot market was installed but hidded (for a noob like me…) On the main desktop I clicked the “III” then, shortcut, then app, then market. Hope this can help someone.

  12. I am trying to use Arctools with a Coby MID 8024; which I’ve read is possible but please correct me if I’m wrong. This is my first ever tablet & I’m a complete newbie to Android devices so please bear with me as I learn.

    I’ve installed the Arctools apk, which in included in the AppsLib on the Coby, but haven’t been able to get it to install the Market. The installation proceeds as expected through step 4 then stops with this message. “Error 25: File copy failed – Android file cannot be accessed. Please check that your device is not mounted on USB.”

    Being a bit cautious, I must admit that I didn’t reset the device – even though there is another (non-working) Market installer apk on it. Could this cause this error?

    Regardless, please help me to understand what’s wrong here & how I can fix it.

    Best regards, Richard

    • Richard,
      Unfortunately, Coby tablets can run Arctools program, but it won’t be able to help you install Google Market (as stated in Arctools description on Appslib) ;(
      We don’t have much information on how to install Android Market on Coby tablets, but please notify us when you find something that we could eventually share.

  13. I have a question. In this video, after you reset the device, in the setup, you select to not install third party applications. And AppsLib is installed. But in another video, when the person resets his device, and when setting it up, selects to not install third party applications. AppsLib does not show up. I know I need to have AppsLib installed to install Arctools, so do I select TO install third party applications?


  14. I have a archos 32 and ive been trying to get youtube ever since ive had it. I dont have youtube because i dont have flash player. I cant download for some reason. I tired all the different apps and with no success. I tried arc tools and dowladed the apps with youtube after i rebooted, i still couldent play flash or youtube. So i come and find out that u have to reset your archos. I havent done that because im not sure what it means when it says ‘installed apps’ and what does it unistall? Please help!

    • Zion, Resetting your Archos (as in Settings/Repair&Formattting/Reset Android) will remove installed apps, all your documents and music/videos will be kept.
      This usually helps to clean up the system before installing the market. You should follow the procedure step by step as shown on the video and tutorial, thousands of people already succeeded in installing the Market. When Market is installed, you may need to apply the Market fix (see tutorial) to get Youtube and Flash working.

  15. okay i couldn’t get the market to run, it just keeps on opening and closing quickly same as gmail to but maps worked fine ? . so i went back to gapps4archos2(froyo) knowing that YouTube didnt work at all. but i used the arctool 0.46 to remove it(YouTube apk) and then download the working one off of market place to make it work. i have market , gmail, calendar etc all working and trust me i have tried all the other ways with no luck at all. so with the latest firmware by archos 2.1.8 and gapps4archos2(froyo) combine with arctool 0.46 i have a complete working system to my liking

  16. Hi will soon become the proud owner of the Archos 101 8GB excuse me if you do not understand myself when I open it and charge the battery should the first to update to firmware 2.2.1 and android and the site of the archos and then install ArcTools first or vice versa ArcTools and then updeyt system. Thanks in advance Bye!

  17. I have tried and tried and tried, I just received my Archos 101 toady and I download thre latest ArcTools. Everything installed correctly, but when I try to connect to the market and sign in it keeps saying “can’t establish a reliable data connection” I have a good connection I am running out of options now. I have no clue on what I should do, I am using froyo 2.2 with archos 2.1.4 update. Please help!

  18. I need help… I’ve tried this several times on my Archos 70. I can get the market installed, but when I try to open it I have to set up an account. When I try to set up my Google account it says this:

    Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your phone may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues, call Customer Care.

    It will not let me sign in at all. everything else on the tablet works great. I don’t get it at all. Please help. Thank you.

  19. Ok so I got my Archos 101 and I went to conect to my Wi-Fi and it says that it IS connected, but when I go to get on the Internet it says, Server error, please check your connection. My Wifi says that it is Secured with WPA/WPA2 PSK, so I dont know what to do now?

  20. No luck. Just recently acquired 70IT, loaded a few Applib apps and upped to 2.1.4. Don’t want to delete & reload all my applications ,settings, etc. So tried the ‘Install, Reboot, Remove, Reboot, Install, Reboot’ sequence. The icon for MKT appeared, but simply opens to a white screen and immediately closes again. Any advice please?

    • So far Resetting the device is the only way to make sure the Market installs properly. We are trying to find a better method, we will update the program and tutorial if it happens. Meantime, we still recommend that you Reset your device, you can use tools such as Astro to backup your existing applications.

      • Thank you very much – and yes, after a reset the installation was successful. And Astro worked too for backing up and restoring my few downloaded applications. Perhaps it would be good to include this advice in your step-by-step tutorial. However, the reset did lose my email accounts as well as a full set of bookmarks, which, unlike my contacts, were not recovered. So if you can find a way to avoid a reset for people in future that would be a considerable advantage.

  21. Hi, Im new to the whole droid and market situation.

    But anyway, I am currently staring at my Archos 32 that I just recieved for my birthday and I read that If I want ALL the apps (even the ones u shouldnt because it isn’t a phone) That this was the place to be.

    Anyway, The date is 2/5/11 so im unsure of what version of what it is running, But my question is this : If I just follow the video above, Skipping step one, it SHOULD work out? Or is there someupdate when u get a brand new tablet that I should avoid?

  22. Thanks much for creating arctools. I was pretty bummed to find out that I bought a droid (archos70) that idd not have access to the larger droid apps Market I installed the Arctools, and was able to access markets this was a huge relief, having issues with flash but I am new to Droid platform so issue might be me or the notorius DFU error.

    Anyway thanks again I’ll keep looking for your updates

  23. Hi,

    Thanks a lot. Before using Arctools, I have GAppsinstaller_v4.apk installed and running fine on Froyo 2.2 v.2.0.71 on my Archos 70.

    After I download and install Arctools from this web, I skip the reset steps and directly go to step 4 and follow all the way through your instruction. I can now see Google Maps and Google Voice and install it from the new Market.

    Thanks a lot for the instruction.

    • Corner cutter – ok so having been in IT for years I had to cut corners – so

      1. Downloaded to PC, move to Archos 70IT via USB
      2. Intentionally did not reset Archos – lazy man
      3. Installed Market 2.2.7 (no apps appeared on remove list)
      – Previously had gApps4Archos v1 with Android 2.1 working
      – Upgrade to 2.2 and gApps4Archos2 – No Noy
      4. Same old open close No Joy
      5. Rebooted, again No Joy
      6. Tried cache/force routine but no Google Framework appearing
      6. Used Arctools to Remove all – 12 Apps removed
      – not sure if it was app or my fat fingers but I did find myself in AirPlane mode at this point
      7. Re- Downloaded and Installed, Rebooted
      8. Immediately MarketPlace is working – had to re-enter email, accept eula, downloaded youtube, maps, etc
      9. Every App I previously had downloaded works, all new apps work

      In short – Install, Reboot, Remove, Reboot, Install, Reboot – Enjoy!

      BTW Haven’t seen any artifacts

      Thank you Team ArcTools!

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