[Poll] Archos Generation 8 Internet Tablets – Bugs, Enhancements, Feature Requests

The poll is closed, results are published here.

We are starting a poll about Archos Gen8 products hoping that the community can share their opinion about these tablets and Archos can hear us to make their products better.

We have collected a list of issues or enhancements that applies to Archos Gen8 Internet Tablets (Archos 28, 32, 43, 70, 101) from original Eclair (2.1) to updated Froyo (2.2) firmwares. Please feel free to answer the poll, it will just take a few minutes of your time and may help Archos to build better products, set priorities in fixing bugs or making hardware or software improvements. We cannot guarantee that Archos will listen to our voices but at least it’s great to give them a place to check and find consolidated information.

Don’t hesitate to add comments on the post if you see more questions to be asked: if there are enough changes requested, the poll will be reviewed early 2011. Also, as replies are coming, we will make the poll results publicly available to be viewed by everybody.