Please help us translating ArcTools in your language


We are currently looking for translation in the following languages:

  1. Korean

The job is done online thru this WIKI and consists of translating a few words or small sentences.

Do not hesitate to help if you can, proper greeting will be given.

Thanks to all contributors for existing translations French, Italian (MrShark), German (Martin), Japanese, Spanish (Javier and Rubik2k), Dutch (Javier), Czech (Vaclav), Russian & Ukrainian (Alexander), Finnish & Swedish (Patrik), Traditional Chinese (Alex), Portuguese (Paulo), Danish (Tuxen), Turkish Β (Kursad), Greek (Ioannis)

If possible, please try to keep the translation updated by checking the WIKI.


    • Diego,
      Thanks for your offer, 9 million people speaking Catalan, this is more than a minor language πŸ˜‰
      Unfortunately, Android does not seem to support Catalan for the moment, even if there is demand for it.
      The more people request it, the more chances there are Google hear the demand. Let’s hope it will be implemented soon, then ArcTools will include Catalan for sure.
      Thanks again, best wishes for 2011.

  1. i like to translate it in german.

    One other question. I bought a archos 101. Updated to the current firmware. Reseted it. Installed arctools and installed 2.x market. When i know start appslib. It says. No server found. Check connection. This happens in the last 2 days. Wifi connection is fine. What else can i do?

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