Plasma Active coming to Archos G9


Plasma Active is an innovative technology aiming to create cross-device user experience for emerging devices such as tablet computers, media centers, smartphones, and more. Plasma Active runs on the Linux desktop stack, including the Linux kernel, Qt and KDE’s Plasma Framework.

Plasma Active describe their project as

an interface for people on the move. People engaged in different activities in different places at different times of the day. Its beautiful surface is fresh, a design completely rethought for the best experience on modern ultraportables.

The goals for this KDE open source project are:

  • a fast embedded UX platform with minimal memory requirements
  • customizable and modular to support different form factors
  • an interface that adapts as users change Activities.
  • basysKom GmbH used Archos G9 GPL source code to contribute the UX design, development and system integration on the Plasma Active port for Archos G9. The project should be available soon, the port team is currently in the process of stabilizing, rendering and optimizing the images.

    A demo of an ARCHOS G9 tablet running Plasma Active was shown by basysKom at Qt DevDays in San Francisco from November 29th – December 1st.


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