OpenAOS CyanogenMod7 update for Gen8


OpenAOS team has just released a new update to their CyanogenMod7 port on Archos Gen8. This port brings a fully up to date CyanogenMod7 offering Android 2.3 Gingerbread to all Gen8 tablets: Archos 28, 32, 35, 43, 70 and 101 IT.

The changelog is the following:

– Fixed headphone speaker switch
– partly camera working for atleast A101IT I think also A70, don’t know for A43IT because it has a different cam. (gen8)
– Fixed permission errors when using ext3 formatted internal memory
– Fixed some browser crashes. Due to using v8 javascript engine again instead of jsc
– Fixed crash when going to browser settings
– Fixed deep sleep which should be working now.
– Fixed mounting/unmounting external sdcard.
– Calibration app included for A32 and A43. (Under settings)
– Updated to latest CM code
– Kernel updated to latest sources from archos firmware 2.4.65
– Fixed correct rotation for A101, only bootmenu is still upsidedown.
– GPS working for gen7 devices
– some other small things

Updated CyanogenMod7 files for Archos Gen8 on OpenAOS web site:

The installation procedure is available on OpenAOS site or Arctablet

Multiboot and OpenAOS CyanogenMod7 (previous version) installation on an Archos 70 IT (Gen8)

There is also a Gen7 CM7 for the Archos 5 IT here

Please remember that this firmware is a work in progress, please report any bugs to OpenAOS issue tracker.



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