Moving soft keys to notification bar on Archos 101/70/43/32/28


Our friends from are giving a procedure to move the lateral soft keys buttons from the right side to the notification area on your Archos Gen8. A tutorial in french is also available for this procedure.
You need Root access to your device to use this procedure.

Here is the result:


Please note that this functionnality is now built in ArcTools Settings Editor included in ArcTools latest release (0.48)

Here is a quick video showing the procedure of moving the softkeys to the notification area and restoring them back to their initial position.


  1. When putting the soft keys in the notification bar it gets real ugly i think!

    But that can be solved if you put:
    ro.sf.lcd_density=130 and/or qemu.sf.lcd_density=130 in the local.prop file.
    (The file you make to put the buttons up there)

    They both work for me on my A70 250GB, not sure what the difference of the two is, if any, they both work!

    You might want to include them in arctools too 🙂

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