MorkaMod firmware update: Google Play (Android Market) and Honeycomb like interface on Arnova G2 (Arnova 10 G2, 9 G2, 8 G2 and 7 G2)


Morka keeps improving his famous MorkaMod custom firmware , that offers Android 3 Honeycomb graphical user interface, root, Google Play (formerly Android Market) and added functionality to the G2 devices. This project is still in a Proof Of Concept phase to demonstrate the use of the Rockchip SDK on Arnova G2 tablets, it’s getting more and more stable, thanks to the continuous improvements brought by Morka. Supported Arnova G2 tablets are currently Arnova 7 G2, Arnova 8 G2, Arnova 9 G2 and Arnova 10 G2.

MorkaMod custom firmware main features

  • Honeycomb like GUI on Android 2.3 system with latest RK.Launcher 2.3.1
  • Tablet screen lock thru Pattern, PIN or Password
  • Latest Google Play Store version 3.5.15 (formerly Android Market)
  • About 2 Gb of free storage space for your applications to install
  • New Boot Animation
  • semi root access
  • Bluetooth and LAN Ethernet using USB dongles (only some models are supported) this feature is currently not working
  • Limitations: Google Play Video does not work, as with other rooted devices.

    MorkaMod firmware quick features video demo
    Video demo by Morka

    Video demo by Arctablet

    MorkaMod firmware download

    Please note that only the devices listed above are supported. MorkaMod currently does not support the resistive (sometime named Dual Touch) G2 models, such as Arnova 10bG2, Arnova 8bG2, Arnova 7bG2.
    Check our forum for latest Morkamod releases.

    MorkaMod downloads
    MorkaMod for Arnova 7 G2update.AR7G2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img (test version)
    MorkaMod for Arnova 8 G2update.AR8G2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img
    MorkaMod for Arnova 9 G2update.AR9G2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.2.img
    MorkaMod for Arnova 10 G2update.AR10G2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img
    MorkaMod for Arnova 7b G2 (capacitive)update.AR7bG2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img
    MorkaMod for Arnova 8b G2 DT (Dual Touch resistive)update.AN8G2DT.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img
    (download removed for the moment)

    This firmware is specific to the Arnova 7 G2, Arnova 8 G2 , Arnova 9 G2 and Arnova 10 G2, it should not be installed on other devices.




    Firmware installation

    To install MorkaMod firmware:
    – download the right firmware file for your device (see previous section)
    – if the firmware came in the form of a zip archive file, extract the firmware image (update.img) file from the archive
    – use Rockchip flashing tool to flash this image file on your tablet

    Help support the developer, please donate

    Please donate to thank the developer for his work and help him improve the firmware

    Supported devices

    On the Arnova 10 G2:

    On the Arnova 9 G2:

    On the Arnova 8 G2:

    On the Arnova 7 G2:

    More Arnova G2 devices should be added soon: Arnova 7b G2 (capacitive) and DT (resistive), Arnova 10b G2.

    More firmware pictures and video (from Morka)

    Feel free to stop by on our forum to thank Morka for this great work.


    1. Has Morkamod abandoned this Honeycomb project? Haven’t seen any new update info on this. I installed this on my 2.3 android and it looked so promising at first. Loved the layout and the design of firmware. Unfortunately, it is so buggy and lots of my apps won’t even work. Cannot play any games apps at all (I mean, ANY games!). The camera won’t work, the Google Play Music freezes, and a host of other things which I’m not listing here.

      I wish Morkamod or anybody working this out would come up with an update. Again, I would love to keep this on top of my 2.3 but I would have to revert back to the original firmware until they can sort out the bugs…

    2. Hi all,

      I dowloaded the firmware and installed in on my Arnova 10 g2. Everything works except a view things..

      – On the play store allmost every game i download wont work.. Lots of times the device says insufficient storage available.. Then if i try to install the app again it will work..:S And the games i download i cant open..

      – I cant get in this superuser mode.. I downloaded button savior.. If i open it it keeps saying that the superuser function has been denied..

      Hope someone can help me with this..?

    3. My tablety is dead.
      I install update.AR10G2.cramfs.2G.MorkaMod.v1.15.img, and all right show in the Batch_Tool. The tablet reset, show an logo with an android in the screen, shutdown and now dont start. There is no way to start it!.

      Some idea?, help.


    4. Hi All,
      I just rooted this firmware on my Arnova 10 G2 and found some issues. I’m not sure if these issues have been discussed before but there are a few issues that I noticed with this release, like …
      – Camera, Maps, 3D Gallery not working, they simply crash
      – Some apps open up full screen, thus any sort of buttons are removed, hence cant exit the application (tried using Button Savior, unfortunately when u try using a button like Back Button, we get a notification Button Savior is denied superuser permission)
      – I’m guessing that might be coz this release support semi-root access.

      Well can anyone please help me here, has all these issues been resolved now or are we still waiting …

      Thanks all and hoping to hear a reply soon 🙂

    5. i have been looking at this page for a few moths now whit the hope that you update it so i can download the firmwire for my arnova 8g2 dual touch but it doesn’t seem to update so can you please update it or give me a link so i can download it thanks 😉

    6. hi i have ARNOVA 7B G2 CAPACITVE
      i install firmware MorkaMod every thing ok but no sound when play video or game and the volume it’s up to max .

      i back to orginal firmware and i have sound my speaker its work

      how can i fix this problem with my device with morkamod firmware

    7. Updated Arnova 9 G2. Lot better than original well done and thanks.

      Only have 2 criticisms one is there is no volume buttons on menu bar (there are no physical volume buttons on 9 G2 so it would be helpful) and youtube videos don’t work (get black screen – audio works)

      Facebook doesn’t work (constant timeout error) but friendcaster does ! Let me know when these issues are fixed please.

    8. Hi Admin

      I have installed MorkaMod 1.15 on my Arnova 10 G2 and I don’t seem to have root access either. When I try to use Button Savior it is denied root access. So is Titanium Backup. I can’t get into the camera or 3D Gallery either. Superuser doesn’t seem to be working. I would be very grateful if you could suggest a fix please, as it is really frustrating and there only seem to be two main roms for this tablet.

    9. Hi, I have just installed MorkaMod 1.15 on my Arnova 7G2 and I don’t have root access. As we all know there is no status bar to press back or home but not having root access means that when I try to use button saviour it is denied root access. Can anybody help?

      • Same sort of problem here…

        Need to install CIFSMANAGER in order to access my Windows network shared folders/files…. but unable to get access permitted.

        Any chance of FULL root access becoming available, please?

        Also like “miguelgti” in the post below – no camera or 3D Gallery (Force Closed message).

    10. Arnova 7 G2: Great job! So much better than the stock ROM, I appreciate it so much.

      Here were just some things that I noticed with it
      1. No volume controls (I have to go into the Settings to change the volume–not too serious, just a minor inconvenience).
      2. On home scree, Hold device horizontally => open app => hold device vertically => hit the Home button. The home screen will be offset–skewed in half.
      3. The 3D Gallery has no Back or Home buttons on it. There is no way to exit the app. I have to turn the device off.

      Other than that, it is a dream come true. Love it!

        • Sure thing. I’ll try that. Sorry I wasn’t able to watch the videos: I am at an institution where they have blocked all video content from the web.

          Not sure if you have a solution to this one yet (which you probably do), but the battery meter seems to have quirks. Again, this is for the Arnova 7 G2. The battery meter does not update to show the current level of the battery. Instead, it will show the level of the battery when the device was first booted. Basically, I think that at boot time, it updates the battery meter to the current level at that specific point in time, but it fails to continually update the battery meter throughout the device’s runtime. Does that make sense? Hopefully I explained it well…I am a computer programmer, and this is my first time with a tablet.

    11. Hi there,
      I would like to install the new MorkaMod firmware in my Arnova 10 G2 .
      I tried to use the Rockchip flashing tool to flash the image file but following all the steps suggested, the device don’t go in the recovery mode.
      It’s possible install the firmware coping it into a micro sd flash drive and rebooting the tablet?

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