[Update] More Arnova G3 tablets leaked out, Arnova 9 G3 starts shipping


Back in March, we leaked out some tablets from the Arnova G3 line-up. A few days ago, Arnova 9G3 started shipping, so we thought it was a nice opportunity for us to leak out the mysterious tablets from the G3 range which passed the FCC over the last three weeks. We didn’t know about the existence of this tablets back in March and we don’t know all the information at this moment either, all we have are a few product images.

Arnova 7 G3:

For the first time, Arnova 7 G3 was shown at the conference back in March and a week ago, the white version of it passed the FCC. Now we have another image of this, with HDMI equipped, device. When you look closely at the following picture, it seems like there are two speakers located on the right side and between them, there is a button which could be a trackpad(like on the original Arnova 7).

[Update] – we have found another, high-quality image for the 7G3:

Another 7″ tablet Archos is planning to release, is the Arnova 7f G3, we saw this one passing FCC a few weeks ago. We don’t know whether the image is stretched a little bit, or that this one will have a different aspect ratio.

The 7f G3 was also shown at the conference, but nobody knew that it was the 7f back then.

The image from the conference is less stretched, but it is still difficult for us to see which aspect ration the 7f G3 will eventually have.

The 8c G3 was the mysterious 8″ device which also passed the FCC a few weeks ago. It is not that mysterious any more now.

Finally, we have another product image for the Arnova 8G3.

Thanks to our forum member col2802, it has been reported that the Arnova G3 range is starting to sell. The first model available is the Arnova 9 G3, currently available at Maplin in the UK.

The Arnova 9 G3 specifications are quite similar to the Arnova 9 G2. The improvements over the Arnova 9 G2 are the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update (vs Android 2.3 Gingerbread) and the double amount of RAM, which is now 1 Gb.

Here are some pictures from col2802:

The stock video and music players:

The stock keyboard and the browser:

“About tablet” screen:

Doing some research, we have found the following possible Reference numbers for the G3 range in USA:

Model Reference Number
Arnova 7b G3 8GB (Capacitive) 502078
Arnova 8 G3 4GB (Capacitive) 502072
Arnova 9 G3 4GB 502063
Arnova 10b G3 8GB (Capacitive) 502019

Most Arnova G3 tablets(the only exception for now is the 7c G3 which runs Qualcomm MSM8255 @1.4GHz) are equipped with Rockchip RK2918 processor running @1Ghz. Compared with the G2 models, the amount of RAM is doubled – there is 1GB of it now. We find that the Arnova G3 will offer good value for money, though we are looking forward to future Archos products which may be using the new Rockchip RK30xx CPU.


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