Installing CyanogenMod Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on Archos Gen8


  This article gives instructions to install CyanogenMod Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on Archos Gen8 tablets. Please note that this firmware is still very experimental, there are still missing or non working features.

Step 1: Install SDE

Install SDE if it’s not already installed.
Make sure you read and understand the SDE installation notice before flashing the file.

Step 2: Install OpenAOS Multiboot

Download initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage from
Connect your archos to your PC with the usb cable.
Go into recovery mode by holding down the “volume down” button and switch on your archos. Keep the button pressed until you see the white recovery menu.
Use Volume Up and Down hardware buttons to move up and down in the menu, Power button to make a selection.
Goto “Recovery system” –> “Developer Edition Menu” –> “Flash Kernel and initramfs”
Copy the downloaded files to the archos and unmount safely.

Step 3: Install CyanogenMod image

Download OpenAOS CyanogenMod Android image file: get latest openaos-gingerbread* file from
Unpack the .gz file with your favorite archiving tool (ex Winrar archiver), rename the resulting file to
Boot your device on Android and copy openaos-gingerbread.img at the root on the device

Step 4: Start your device in Developer Edition mode

Shut down your device and hold down the “volume down” button and switch on your archos.
Keep the button pressed until you see the white recovery menu.
Select “Developer Edition” in the Menu, it will start OpenAOS multiboot menu.

Gingerbread should show in the list, if not, you may need to restart one more time in “Developer Edition” mode for the image file to be properly detected and the “Gingerbread” entry to appear.


  1. Ok so, I bought an Archos 70 250 gb Internet tablet off of Ebay. It seemed to work fine then I added Google play and now I get a lot of force closes for quite a few apps. Here is my goals I want this tablet to be an Mp3 player for music but I also would like to Either RDIO or Spotify to listen to these offline. Which they both do now. I also would like to use this tablet for Video game Emulators. What is the best upgrade for this tablet for me to accomplish that. Or should I just reformat and use the original firmware? Right now I’m using the latest one. I saw that if you use the SDE you can no longer have DRM protected music on it. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

    • It’s probably best to ask OpenAos developers directly. As I remember, the screen is mounted upside down on the Archos 101 IT (Gen8), so the firmware needs to correct the wrong orientation in software.
      Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of any official update for Archos newer than Android 2.2 Froyo for Gen8 devices.

  2. Unstable on archos 70 internet
    its working only for 5 min on my archos 70 internet hdd250giga I was desperate to find any roms for my archos like this rom working normally i try all all the same problem
    1 you feel the tablet so hot when u use this image rom
    2 no market and u cant install alot of program like face book or google play
    3 you cant setup google account
    4unstable and make auto restart when u browse the internet and open wifi
    5 you hear always that the hard disk working without stop even if u close the screen
    i hope if some one have the problem and fix it to tell me how will be great
    coz that rom i can read hebrow and arabic without any problem its great rom but if its working normally

  3. Thanks guys, it’s perfect but there is one big issue
    i tried everything but i couldn’t manage to access to market, I tried these things:

    Arctools 0.63: root access problem
    Gapps: Market is installed but force close and even if it opens it can not login to my google account
    I tried also some random soloution but no success until now.

  4. Hey guys,I have an archos internet tablet 8gb,I’ve tried everything but it just won’t work,I would very much appreciate if someone told me step by step with the links of the download files as some of the links are down!please help me!:)

  5. Is there any way to flash the image directly onto the archos 101 and if so what app do I need to install the android market, because I do not want it to be a dual boot I would rather it be like the nook color rooted to be a full android, if there is any way please e-mail me thank you

    • Sory for inconvenience, im from portugal and i have a archos gen8 internet talblet 32 and de cyanogen doesnt work on this archos… can anyone help-me?…. when i select the gingerbread on boot menu, next aperar the openaos logo and dont go anywere, just freze…

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