Henri Crohas (Archos CEO) interview at 01net Entreprises


01net Entreprises, french IT magazine has published an interview of Henri Crohas, Archos CEO this morning. (the video is in french)

During this interview, Henri Crohas tells us few key points about Archos present and future:

  • Archos Tablet offer to french students: an Archos 80 G9 with 3G dongle and 3G data contract for 0.66 euros/day (that is 20 euros/month) for 2 years. There is no data limit on 3G, speed reduced after 1 Gb download

  • Starting next year, Archos is planning to extend his range of product over Android, and may start producing Tablets and ultrathin netbooks powered by Windows 8 on ARM architecture.

  • According to Crohas, Appslib, Archos own application marketplace with about 40 000 applications, is expected to be the second or thrird more important Android marketplace worldwide.

  • Crohas express his worries about the ongoing Patent wars and hopes that Google will defend their partners, such as Archos, working with Android.

  • Thanks to their own brand, Archos, Arnova and their white brands, Archos has increased their market shares in many countries, and can often be found in the top 3 brands for Android Tablets

  • Archos is an official supporter for the G-20 (this year in 6th-7th November in Cannes, France) and B20 summits, they will supply Archos tablets to all participants.
  • Source Jbmm.fr

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