Google Apps and Market for Archos Gen8 running Froyo gApps4Archos2.apk download


This program has some issues, we recommand to use Arctools application instead, please check this page

Here is the application to enable Google Apps and Market on Archos Gen8 running Froyo gApps4Archos2.apk

MD5: 2ce27a0364d1b5be432cfa65bcce513e

Please note that we noticed some issues on the Market Application, as we have been experiencing a few force closes. The application is still usable.

Thanks to JBMM and Archoslounge for the news

Please understand that standard disclaimers apply, use this application at your own risks, use it if you really need it and you know what you are doing. We should not be held responsible if anything goes wrong with your hardware.


  1. Installation is OK on my Archos 101 with Froyo, but I could not run YouTube.
    I solved this problem with this procedure found on another forum:
    1. Download, install and start “android terminal emulator” from Market
    2. Enter below lines in the app and finish each line with an enter
    cd /data/test/froyo/system/app
    rm YouTube.apk
    3. Close the app (back out) and reboot
    4. Download YouTube from Market.
    Thanks for our work!
    Frédéric (from France)

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