Google Android Market missing apps fix


After installing ArcTools, when you have the Market running, if you are missing some applications in the Market (for example Google Maps, Youtube, …) there is a fix that should correct the problem and give you full access to all Market applications.

Youtube Video for this Market fix procedure:

Detailed procedure

Go to Settings

Go to Applications

Go to Manage Applications

Go to All tab

Go the “Market” application

‘Clear Cache’ then ‘Force Stop’DO NOT Clear data

Go to “Google Services Framework” application

‘Clear data’ then ‘Force Stop’

Reboot your machine.

After reboot, restart Market application. It may force close for the first run, ignore it and restart it again.


  1. ma tablette arnova10 ne marche plus ,elle me mets un message d’erreur

    le processus android.process.acore s’est interrompu de façon inopinée.Merci de réessayer.

    j’essaie de forcer le démarrage mais le message apparaît de nouveau ,
    même si j’éteint la tablette que puis je faire??
    merci de votre aide

  2. I ve done this couple of times and it worked fine with my Witstech A81.
    However, last time I made a mistake and did “clear data” on Market. Now, I cant get it to work again. When I do the procedure, I go to market again, it gives me license agfreement, and then no protected apps.
    I dont know what to do… I dont want to do a factory reset because I had some complex GPS instalml and other stuf.
    Any idea?

  3. This item is not compatible with your device. Archos A70H.
    Why does Android Market, version 3.026 > 3.0.27 installed through arctool 0.50, display the “This item is not compatible with your device.” message for some apps like Google Voice Search, Nimbuzz, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Messenger Video Plugin…
    I was able to find them and install them long ago (market 2. something and fw previous to latest 2.3.81).
    Not anymore.
    And why does market identify it as Archos 70 H, when it is an Archos 70 IT 250GB? I guess some trick/issue in the arctools market hack.
    As I said, I did manage to install those apps through android market using the markt fix (not working anymore apparently) and they did work (evejn if Voice Search always failed the first time).
    How can I find/install those apps again.
    PS: I lost them after resettinig android to fix a very slow screen rotation issue.
    tinto de verano

    • Everything is working now, android market, google apps, syncing agenda and gmail and contacts. I got sip droid and skype and a few other good apps that archos market didn’t contain.
      My tablet is archos 43 v5.

      Good luck all and thx arctools coders, your job is great.

  4. Hi,

    I also did the installation as described but youtube is not appearing in the Market. Even not by by installing it with the tool via “Applications only package (Flash,Gmail,Maps,Youtube)”.

    I have the firmware version and Android version 2.2.1

    Any idea what could be the problem?


  5. I was interested to find this but is seems to suffer with missing apps like the other Android Market for Archos fixes. It is not just Google apps that are missing. Had to reset to find the two Opera browsers, then do it again to find Rocket Bunnies – could not find the Opera browsers again…

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