Getting Hulu to play on Adobe Flash 10.2 mobile Android


Hulu video site is not supported on Android devices running latest Adobe Flash 10.2 update or a previous release.
You will probably get the following error: “Unfortunately, Hulu is not supported on your platform“. forum member Adam B. brings a patched Adoble Flash 10.2 to get Ulu to work on your Android device. Please note that this modified version of Flash is based on the leaked release and is not latest Adobe Flash
Download Adobe Flash 10.2 fixed for Hulu

We have successfully tested this program on a Toshiba Folio 100 tablet (power by Tegra 2 CPU), on an Ulu trailer running both in the web browser or fullscreen in 360p.


  1. I’ve tried numerous times to download the hack/tweek but it says application not installed. I’ve deleted flash 10.2 & tried to replace 10.1 with the hulu hack & it didn’t work. Yes my Archos 70 is rooted. Anyone successfully install the hulu tweek?

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