Gen9 kernel source code reveals new Archos tablets

5 forum user letama highlighted recent Gen9 Kernel changes revealing new Archos devices: Archos A70S2, A70H2, Archos 120, Archos 101xs and Archos Ludo.

These informations are located in the file archos-gpl-gen9-kernel/arch/arm/tools/mach-types from the Archos Gen9 kernel which lists the following machines codes:

archos_a28 MACH_ARCHOS_A28 ARCHOS_A28 5020
archos_a32 MACH_ARCHOS_A32 ARCHOS_A32 5021
archos_a43 MACH_ARCHOS_A43 ARCHOS_A43 5022
archos_a48 MACH_ARCHOS_A48 ARCHOS_A48 5023
archos_a70s MACH_ARCHOS_A70S ARCHOS_A70S 5024
archos_a70h MACH_ARCHOS_A70H ARCHOS_A70H 5025
archos_a70sg MACH_ARCHOS_A70SG ARCHOS_A70SG 5026
archos_a101it MACH_ARCHOS_A101IT ARCHOS_A101IT 5027
archos_a32sd MACH_ARCHOS_A32SD ARCHOS_A32SD 5028
archos_a35 MACH_ARCHOS_A35 ARCHOS_A35 5029
archos_a35dm MACH_ARCHOS_A35DM ARCHOS_A35DM 5030
archos_a35dect MACH_ARCHOS_A35DECT ARCHOS_A35DECT 5031
archos_a80s MACH_ARCHOS_A80S ARCHOS_A80S 5032
archos_a80h MACH_ARCHOS_A80H ARCHOS_A80H 5033
archos_a101s MACH_ARCHOS_A101S ARCHOS_A101S 5034
archos_a101h MACH_ARCHOS_A101H ARCHOS_A101H 5035
archos_a70s2 MACH_ARCHOS_A70S2 ARCHOS_A70S2 5036
archos_a70h2 MACH_ARCHOS_A70H2 ARCHOS_A70H2 5037
archos_a120 MACH_ARCHOS_A120 ARCHOS_A120 5038
archos_a101xs MACH_ARCHOS_A101XS ARCHOS_A101XS 5039

archos-gpl-gen9-kernel/arch/arm/plat-omap/include/plat/uncompress.h kernel file gives the following architectures:

  • OMAP3 for the Archos A70s2 and the Archos A70h2
  • DEBUG_LL_OMAP3(3, archos_a70s2);
    DEBUG_LL_OMAP3(3, archos_a70h2);

  • OMAP4 for the Archos A101xs and the A120
  • DEBUG_LL_OMAP4(3, archos_a101xs);
    DEBUG_LL_OMAP4(3, archos_a120);

    Considering these data, the new Archos A70S2 and A70H2 are probably an update of the Archos 70 IT.
    Archos 120, Archos 101xs and Archos Ludo
    are currently unknown.

    We’ll keep an eye on the FCC for updates on these new machines.

    Thanks to for the news.


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