Flashing a firmware on Rockchip CPU based devices: Archos HT (7 and 8) and Arnova tablets


This procedure describe how to flash your device using low level Rockchip flashing tools. This may help you to recovered your tablet in case it does not start anymore (bricked device) or you want to flash it with a compatible firmware. This procedure has been successfully tested on Archos 7 HT (v1/v2/c revisions), Archos 70b eReader, Arnova 8, Arnova 10 tablets.



Firmware Flashing procedure for Rockchip based tablets

  1. Select and download the right program and driver to flash your device.

    If your tablet is based on a Rockchip 2808 CPU, such as: Archos 7 HTv1
    >> Use this archive: RKAndroid_ENG.zip with Rockchip 28Driver and RKAndroidDM.exe
    If your tablet is based on a Rockchip 2818 CPU, such as: Archos 7 HTv2, Archos 7c HT, Archos 70b eReader, Archos 70c eReader,Arnova 8, Arnova 10:
    >> Use this archive: W9_0.18.20101201.214043.zip with Rockchip 281xDriver and RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe

  2. Download the firmware you want to flash, (make sure the firmware is the right one, made for your tablet model)
  3. Unpack both the flashing program and firmware archives on your desktop
  4. Power off your tablet
  5. Connect your tablet to your computer thru USB cable
  6. Start your tablet in reset mode, by putting the power slider to the right position and pushing a paperclip in the reset pinhole for few seconds. Note this varies from one model to another (see below)
  7. Your computer should detect a new device
  8. Install the Rockchip device driver on your computer (find in the archive from the flashing program directory on your desktop where you unpacked the flashing program archive) You should select the appropriate driver for your Tablet and computer Operating System.
    28Driver: for Archos 7 HTv1, Archos 70b eReader
    281xDriver: for Archos 7 HTv2, Archos 7c HT, Arnova 8, Arnova 10:
  9. Start the flashing program (RKAndroidDM.exe or RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe), it should show the [1] zone colored in green, see below:
  10. Make sure “image” checkbox is selected and select the unpacked firmware to flash (.img file extension)
  11. Click on upgrade, it should take a few minutes to flash your tablet, the green rectangle should turn orange while showing a percentage for the flashing progress.
  12. When finished the tablet should restart with the newly installed firmware
  13. We recommend that you proceed in a full reset of the tablet right after a firmware update.
    The reset procedure depends on the tablet model.

Arnova 10, Arnova 10b procedure

For the Arnova 10, Arnova 10b the procedure slighly differs
(see contribution here: http://www.arctablet.com/blog/ask/467/android-will-not-boot-and-cannot-restore-previous-firmware#a468)
1. Connect to power and do not connect USB cable. Switch to Administrator account of your computer. Right hand click “My Computer” and go to device manager. If you see Arch 10 error. Right hand click it and select uninstall.
2. Run RKAndroidBatchUpgrade. Put a paperclip in the reset pinhole, and push volume UP button(not down button) for about 15 seconds. Then connect the USB cable. The computer should ask for the driver and select the advance funtion to install the corrected driver for your tablet . When driver installed, the #1 in RKAndroidBatchUpgrade screen will turns to green. Then hit upgrade, the firmware will be upgrade to the new image.

Here is a video for the procedure on an Archos 7 HTv2, thanks to hvdwolf from Archosfans.com, thanks a lot.


  1. Hi
    I am trying to update my Archos Home Tablet 7 v2 (using win 7) to ICS following your instructions. I have successfully installed Rockchip 281xDriver and RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe however when I try to flash the update.img file i get the message: Unpacking image failed. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

  2. Hi,,i hav a problem i hav archos 7 home tablet i upgraded to cyanogenmod-7-gingerbread 2.3..then goto calibration and then the calibration failed and now i cant use any button on the touch screen…what can i do plzzzz help me out…..and i tried to connect to the comp but it doesnt rcognized…..?????

  3. i try but my archos 7oc ereader don’t go into reset mode. I try right button + Power Button. Left button + power Button, Right and left button togheter. Still don’t working ?
    how can i do ? Please someone to help me, don’t wanna to pay someone just to do this

  4. I have a Arnova 10 GEN 1
    install this firmware Arnova 10 custom firmware with the Android Market and the root – kasty-arn10-21-02.zip

    and now will not start.

    I tried to blink and do not detect the device.
    I keep pressing reset +and + button for 15 seconds
    but not if I have to stop pushing and connect the USB or connect while pressed.

  5. well I tried to be a rookie n flash it n then it jus restarted n it had a text saying android a very small text, n I tried resetting but tht didn’t work so I went to the rockchip tools thingy and bam all went well n then it shut off now it wont power on n neither does the pc pic up the device when u put the switch on lock n hold reset button it just wont come on I don’t know what to do, it just charges n do nothing more please I really need help!!!!

  6. Please help me if possible…

    Used the Archos 7ob update provided on your site, but now it is stuck. I usually use Mac OS X, but also under Windows 7 (bootcamp) it recognizes that there is something, but i cannot access it.

    Installing the drivers provided in the download does not work. Where do I go wrong here?

    Thanks, any help is appreciated!

  7. Please help! I bought an Archos 70b e-reader two days ago and it stuck at the start screen while i was installing a new FW found on this site. Now i’m trying to fix it doing as this guide says and my PC doesn’t recognize the device. I have two questions. Are these the right drivers for my device? if so why doesn’t it work?

  8. driver installation work fine on my Archos 7htv² 2.1 éclair but not work with my Arnova 10 with your last 2.2 Froyo, RKAndroidBatchUpgrade is pink and i can’t downgrade firmware, i want downgrade because your last Froyo rom have problem with calibration, sometimes screen not work and i have to reset ! : /

  9. I have an Archos 70b e-reader and I broke it while trying to upgrade the FW in order to be able to install Android Market…now it freezes in the welcome screen (ARCHOS…entertainment you way…) I don´t know what to do, I´m scared, I dont know how to put it in reset mode…I downloaded everything supposed to be needed to solve it but my pc (windows 7) does not even recognize my device.


  10. Hy !

    After installing 2.2 Froyo on Arnova 10 4G tablet a screen with calibration appeared. Thas calibration failed and now I cannot use any button on the touch screen.
    How can I force the calibration of the tablet without using the touch screen and how do I put it in reset mode…HOW ???

    Thank you!

  11. For people who still are having problems to return to the original firware:
    1) Connect your tablet with usb. Don’t start the mass storage.
    2) Start the program RKAndroidBatchUpgrade.exe which you find in files you have downloaded.
    3) The number 1 should color pink.
    4) Press Switch
    5) Windows will start looking for drivers but will not find any.
    6) Go to Devices and Printers in your computer
    7) Right click on ‘unknown device’ Properties -> Hardware -> Properties -> Change configuration -> Software -> Search software in maps -> Find the folder of your driver and install it.
    8) The number 1 that turned pink should now turn green

    Any problems? Just ask!


  12. Mine doesn’t ask for a driver when i first plug it in. I have to come back after it installs to try to point to the driver in the RK software. I’ve tried erasing windows & starting w/ a fresh copy w/ nothing else installed. Even after I do get the driver installed I still can’t access the drives. They show up but… Any other tips I might try. I have spare systems to use just to mess w/ this. thanks for the help.

  13. Well! I am able to return to the original firmware now there is another problem, unfortunately, the memory is full and I can not install anything but I can not free the memory because when I connect the archos to the PC asks me to format the device Portable. What I do?

    • Simona,
      There are comments about other persons in your situation and some pointers to solve the issue.
      Try to get the Rockchip flashing tools to work, eventually on another PC. When you get there, you’ll be able to easily flash your device and restore a working firmware.

  14. I used the installer for Arnova 10 custom Android 2.2 (Froyo) firmware with Android Market and root – kasty-arn10-22-04 , and I’ve been trying to install adobe flash 10.1 and 10.2.apk on this android update and it doesn’t work, I can’t enjoy pages with flash as youtube or facebook,,

    could you suggest me how to solve this issue?