Flash 10.1 for Archos 7 HT v1,v2 8HT and Arnova 10 (need Android 2.1 Eclair)


Rockchip processors based devices, which includes Archos 7 HT (v1 and v2), 8 HT and Arnova tablets does not seem to be able to handle properly the Flash application that can be downloaded on Android Market or Appslib.

We have found on Archosfans.com forum a file that works well on these devices if they are updated to Android 2.1 (Eclair) or later.
Download: Adobe Flash for Archos 7 HT.

Please refer to our firmware pages if your device needs to be updated to Eclair, Froyo or later Android operating system.


  1. It didn’t work out for me. Still waiting for Arnova to deliver a new firmware solving you tube & flash applications and pdf reading. I cannot recommend Archos or Arnova while trapped in this situation. Other best options available in the market today

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