Downgrading your Archos Firmware from 2.0.71 to 2.0.54


Initial testing shows that upgrading fails with error: "This firmware update is too old for your hardware version. (221)" and the device stays on firmware 2.0.71. We will do some more test and will let you know. As usual, your feedback is welcome too.

For those interested in a temporary root and wish to downgrade their firmware, here is a procedure, thanks to Pritzb87. Please note that this procedure is untested yet, please use with caution and report any problem.

There is an easy fix to temp rooting problem. The new 2.0.71 temp does not work. However, if you have upgraded your firmware from 2.0.54 to 2.0.71 then simply downgrade! =D….How you ask?!…EASY..

1. First you have to download the old 2.0.54 firmware from here

2. Click or maybe copy and paste the above link into your (pc/mac) internet browser and then click on “Download from source site”

3. Once you have downloaded the old firmware, keep it on your desktop, you will need it later.

4.Now connect your Archos 70 (may work with Archos 101, but have not tested, I have Archos 70) to your computer via USB and then back up the contents of the tablet on a folder on your desktop. (VITAL YOU DO THIS)

5. Now turn off your Archos 70 tablet (power off) until it has completely shut down and then power it on again holding the power button AND volume down button to get into recovery mode.

6. Once you are in recovery mode, go down by pressing the volume down button to “update firmware” and press the power button to select “update firmware”. It will check system partitions etc and then you have to connect your USB to the computer once again and now locate the old 2.0.54 firmware you downloaded before and drag it from your desktop to the Archos 70 root, not in any folder JUST IN THE TABLETS ROOT.

7. Once you have done this and the firmware is on your tablets root, press the power button on your tablet to confirm update (“ok”), p.s make sure your tablet is connected to the mains (plugged in on charge).

8. Finally the downgrade process begins and the tablet should reboot with all your apps, settings, media files, etc untouched but the firmware will now be “Froyo 2.2.1….2.0.54″

Now you can use Z4root to do temporary root on your device and still use flash player etc….p.s…temp root means that the root goes after reboot.

However you can still use CPU boosting/overclocking apps to boost the CPU from 800mhz to 1000mhz!….Noticeable difference when playing flash movies and general use.

2.0.71 update’s “overdrive” mode does not do much at all.



  1. I just checked and the file is named adequately (firmware_archos_android_gen8.aos)and still won’t work.

    I tried booting in recovery and booting ordinary. It did ask for the upgrade but I got the 221 error code

    Any clues on how to backup my WIFI passwords? I would like to downgrade to use z4root and titanium backup. The perm root solution is a bit hard/useless to me and i’d prefer the stability of 2.0.54.

  2. Hello there again, I hope this helped people. For individuals who got the “update failed” error, make sure the 2.0.54 firmware is written correctly like this:

    and NOT: firmware_archos_gen8(2).aos

    The “(2)” only comes up when you have downloaded a firmware more than once regardless which version it is. So therefore if you have “(2)” or “(3)” etc in your firmwares name then simply right click and rename and delete the “(2)” or whatever number it is. This is because the Archos does not recognize it as an official firmware and therefore update fails.

    Furthermore, I have also realized that you can simply download the 2.0.54 firmware from this site from “firmware archive” on the top of the page, and simply connect your Archos via USB (without debugging) and place the firmware (2.0.54) on to the root of your device (no folder) and then simply get into recovery mode as I mentioned in my previous instructions and it should update with no problems. I HAVE TESTED THIS ON ARCHOS 70 AND IT WORKS 100% FINE!…With all your files and apps intact. The only thing that went was the “Photo Frame” app which is only available on the 2.0.71 firmware and also “Silent mode” when you press the power button which are minor feature loss so its fine. P.s…i think it should work on the Archos 101 as well due to the fact that the specifications (cpu, ram etc) are the same so if somebody has an Archos 101, please try these instructions and post your results for others. Thanks. =)

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