DIY: SSD in Archos 70 HDD version


There are various users from Archosfans who succeeded to replace the stock HDD by a larger version. For example:

He actually sold it with profit. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The maximum size of HDD ever fitted in the 70IT was a 9mm 1TB drive. However, what about a SSD?ย  SSD drives should offer lower power cunsumption(unfortunately, in this particular case, the battery life stayed the same), should not produce much noise and are much more shock resistant. And you won’t feel the HDD spinning. User rgray from 4pda succeeded to put a 80GB SSD inside his Archos 70 250GB model. He used the Kingston/IntelX25M model, but due to its thickness(it is 9mm while the “stock” HDD in the 70IT is only 7mm), he needed to get rid of some of its casing and shorten the screws. If you want to do it yourself too, prepare for a small challenge. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Make sure you have an Archos 70H, a SSD(which should be around 7mm thick), a proper working environment and some tools.

Step 1:
Open the tablet. There should be 5 screws, 3 of them located under the caps, 2 under the kickstand(Correct me if I am wrong). There is nice video on youtube which shows how to do that on Archos 70S:

Step 2:

Get the HDD out the tablet(including the aluminium foil). Note: You don’t have to get out the 2GB Flash module from the mainboard, there is Android OS on it.

You only need to remove aluminium foil above and under the SATA-port, also remove all the black rubber/ribbon protection things starting around the SATA-port.

Step 3:

Unplug the HDD and remove the HDD mount.

Step 4:

Copy all your data from the HDD to your SDD.

Step 5:

Now, place the black rubber things on the SDD, place the SSD in HDD mount. In this particular case, the screws needed to be shortened.

Step 6:

Install the SDD by connecting it to the mainbard and place it in its place. Eventually, it should look like this:

Step 7:

Connect all the wires, close the tablet, screw in the 5 screws. Enjoy!

All credits go to rgray from 4pda.

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