Discussing Archos #1


Discussing Archos #1 is the first article in the series. Discussing Archos articles will be about minor Archos announcements, new rumorssuccesses and epic fails. After you read it, please don’t forget to leave your feedback below or in our forum – we will try to improve the Discussing Archos articles in that way, that the arctablet community will enjoy it more and more.

Woot mistake, the new Gen9 8GB Turbo, delayed availability of the 35 Smart Home Phone, discussing pricing for the 35IT, Arnova 7c G2 and Arnova 7b G2, new firmware for the Gen8 is coming and a tip for the 43IT users. Read on!

Woot it!

Woot had a nice offer for the US customers – 101G9 8GB 1.5Ghz Turbo model for just 279$. And Woot was so kind to put up a few promo photos of the device, one of them:

Notice the difference with the previous G9’s? Yes, all the Archos branding on the back is gone and the gaps between the two sides look smaller. The second “enhacement” is definitely good – the device will probably feel more sleek, solid and the chances of getting dust between the gaps are smaller. However, what about the first one? Looks a little bit weird, isn’t it? Charbax from the archosfans forum wrote the following:

This is an awesome deal! I don’t think it’s a new design, it’s probably just a new skew because Archos wants to be price aggressive with 1.5Ghz Turbo in the coming months, best to be price agressive with the 8GB ROM skew.

While I agree with him that this was an awesome deal, I don’t 100% agree with him on the skew. It is just photoshop. When you look on woot for more pictures of the device(by just typing in the address bar), you can find the following one:

So, it is just nicely done photoshop. Nothing more than that. You can find the photo on the woot’s site here. While on the Gen9 the back without branding looks strange, the idea itself is not that weird. While there is still plenty of time before the G10 release, may be Archos should consider putting metal plates(like on the Gen8) on the back and then leave the branding out?

1.2/1.5 for the price of 1

Huh? Yes, you read it right. If you have not noticed, Woot was offering the 8GB Turbo model! In Europe, Archos is al ready offering the 1.2Ghz 8GB model for the price of the classic version:

This “offer” also applies to the 101G9. Let’s hope that in one month time we will also be able to buy an 1.5 Ghz 1GB 8GB model for the same price. Then, the very awesome tablet Asus announced a month ago is not that revolutionary. Sure, there are many things for which you would prefer an Asus with Tegra3 over an Archos with OMAP4, but there are also many things in which Archos will come out as the winner.

Arnova 7b G2: Released in Europe.

With the Arnova 7b G2 Dual Touch, Arnova is starting to offer a cheaper version of the Arnova 7 G2 Android Tablet. The major difference is a Dual Touch 7 inches resistive screen instead of the capacitive one on the Arnova 7 G2. The new tablet case breaks from the old habits of the Archos 7HT heritage, with a new case inspired by the older Archos 70 IT model, slightly modified (plastic only backside structure and no kickstand)

This Archos 7b G2 Dual Touch seems to have a quite agressive pricing, being available as low as 99 euros in France. On the Arnova website they also mention the capacitive version, but it’s not yet shipping and the release dates are not yet announced. Don’t forget to check out our review here.

Arnova 7c G2: sold for a bargain

Arnova 7c G2 is sold at English carphonewarehouse for only £79.99. Currently it’s out of stock, but it’s still an amazing offer.

In France, the same store(The Phone House) is selling the 7c for 149EUR which is a little bit more expensive, but you can get a discount when you buy it on contract. Check out all the deals here. It is not the first time carphonewarehouse group is giving great discounts on Archos products – in september 2011, in dutch Phone House you could grab an 80G9 8GB with the 3G Stick and prepaid sim-card for 199EUR.

Android your Home… Not yet…

The 35 Smart Home Phone is available in France for quite some time al ready. If you are leaving in France, you can grab it off the official Archos store for 149EUR. Unfortunately, two weeks ago the price ion the same Archos Store was 129EUR. In other countries than Europe the 35SHP is al ready available from various resellers(Dixons for example), but it’s not yet available from the Archos store. There has also been no word from Archos for availability in US.

BTW: The 35IT and the 35SHP are available for the same price on the Archos website. However, the 35SHP offers extra camera and dect functionality which 35IT doesn’t have. 35IT is actually an 35HC without the good speakers, but the 4GB versions cost the same. The fact that customers don’t want to pay that much for 35IT is clear, as it is available for 86EUR at Pixmania.

Archos 43IT: Nice app for touch screen improvement.

There are probably plenty of A43IT users who are now using arctablet. There was a nice suggestion in a youtube video from the user Glechstem to improve the touchscreen sensitivity.

Basically the app is for the SGS, but we have tested it on the 43IT and it should also work on other devices. You don’t need root and you can find it by searching in the market for touchscreen booster. Many users of the 43IT have been complaining that the resistive screen was too sensitive and with this app you can adjust the sensitivity and some other staff to improve your experience with the device.

Archos Gen8: Not yet forgotten.

While the 2.4.82 firmware for Gen8 devices didn’t come so long ago, there seems to be a new one on the horizon. User Ach from the archosfans forum received a replacement unit which runs 2.4.90. See the photo on the right for details. The changes are unknown, but the device still runs Android 2.2.1.

When you type the version in on the Archos website, it lists as 404 Not Found, so probably it is just a firmware for the factory workers to put on the devices.


Let’s hope Archos really didn’t forget the Gen8 and home connect users(I estimate that there are around one million G8 devices sold) and we will soon receive the small gift. Earlier, Archos said that Gingerbread update is possible for the G8, but no details were given after that.

Next series

There are plenty of things which will happen in the coming weeks. Starting with Archos 2011 results which will be released on 16th February, followed up by the 2012 strategy presentation on 14th March. I also expect the 101b Internet Tablet to be released very soon and may be, also Arnova 84G2 release(nothing confirmed on that, though). Whatever happens, there will be plenty of stuff to write about. Don’t forget about the comment. 😉


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