CyanogenMod 7 Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) port for Archos 7HTv2 and Arnova tablets


Thanks to fun_ and geoRG77 from and other users from, there is an unofficial CyanogenMod7 port currently being built for Rockchip RK2818 CPU based tablets.

That would help to offer a proper Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) to most Archos and Arnova devices using the Rockchip 2818 CPU, namely Archos 7 HTv2, Archos 7c HT and Arnova 7, Arnova 8, Arnova 84, Arnova 10, Arnova 10b. So far, this custom Gingerbread firmware has been reported to work on an Archos 7 HTv2

Current port status and limitations:
working: audio, internal flash, sd card, touchscreen, wifi, accelerometer, Google Apps and Market (thru CM7 archive)
not working or partially working: hardware accelerated video, and many things which you expect to work

Considering these limitations, it is clear that this firmware is not currently ready for public usage and is still undergoing heavy development. We will ll try to provide a test and some screenshots/videos and keep you updated with the progress on this firmware.

Screenshot of CM7 port running on an Archos 7HTv2:


  1. Hi there, I have a Archos 7 Home Tablet & behind it says A70HB. I just got this last week. I connected it to my laptop & it updated automatically to Cynogenmod 7. This is not a phone and runs very bad. My computer does not want to recognize my Archos. I can’t seem to put a different firmware on it. I don’t know all that much but can someone help please. Thanks

  2. [B]Arnova 8 Test[/B]

    – with new system.img and boot.img internal storage can used as SD
    – Gapps working
    – SD Card wroking
    – USB Drive not working
    – always less free RAM than with kasty 2.1 rom
    – WLAN working
    – no volume buttons in notification bar
    – runs quicker than kasty rom but kasty rom is a bit smoother
    – APP 2 SD not working
    – looks nicer than kasty rom


    at first i built a new update.img with the help of the instruction in xda forum.
    i copied it to the root of my Arnova 8 and installed it.
    After flashing cm7 worked fine but i forgott to integrate google apps.
    so i put all files from the zip in the folders in system.img.
    after building the new update.img i flashed it with rk2818 batchupgrade v1.23.
    the tool said “successfull” and the firmware seemed to install on my Arnova. then it rebooted and the displayed said “Arnova” after that it said in the left corner “ANDROID”. I think that’s normal but then nothing happens.

    I resetted my Arnova but all time the same procedure “Arnova” – black screen with “ANDROID” in the left corner.

    did i brick my tablet? how can i repair it? if i plug it in my pc a “rockchip rk28 sdk demo USB Device” is recognized but batchupgrade tool doesn’t recognize the device so i can’t flash another firmware.

    i tried to enter recover mode with “power + home” or “power + esc” but it didn’t work. i don’t know what to do next please help.

  4. After install. the firmware with my windows XP laptop , after that it does not see the tablet well , it does not recognice and show the Archos 7 Home Tablet , it shows two removable disks now . So I can not enter the Tablet , does anybody have had our has Any ideas what this problem is ?

  5. Seems to also work on Arnova 8.
    Created an update.img file and updated.
    A few minor issues, but I think that it shouldnt be long before these are fixed…
    heck I could probably fix them myself and release a ROM if it were legal.
    Anyway – Well done Cyanogen Team… very nice.

    Gingerbread Tablet for < ยฃ100.

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