Benchmarking Archos 70 IT 1.2 Ghz overclock


Archos Generation 8 devices run at 800 Mhz by default, they can be changed to 1 000 Mhz in the Power management System settings (Overdrive mode vs Optimal mode). With the help of custom kernel, Urukdroid firmware and SetCPU application (or similar program) it is now possible to overclock the device up to 1200 Mhz.

We have done a few benchmarks on an Archos Generation 8 device to measure the performance on each configuration. The benchmark setup is a Archos 70 IT on default 2.1.8 stock firmware for normal clocking tests and UrukDroid-0.7-kernelOC for Overclocking performance tests. The system was running on power supply with all tasks killed. We ran the same test many times and kept an average value.

Please remember benchmarks are just numbers measuring the raw performance of a device. They do not reflect the stability of the system, and the short or medium term durability. We do not recommend overclocking if you don’t really need it, overclocking make the hardware run at an higher clock rate than it was designed for, it will drain your battery quicker and may reduce your tablets components life.

Archos 70 IT benchmarks
Kernel Default kernel
Optimal mode
800 Mhz
Default kernel
Overdrive mode
1000 Mhz

Overclocking kernel

1 100 Mhz

Overclocking kernel

1 200 Mhz

native bench
lower is faster
C: 1062.77 Neon:424.80 C: 835.33 Neon:336.92 C: 761.68 Neon:320.92 C: 700.71 Neon:284.54
higher is faster
10.553 12.925 13.887 15.248
Neocore (760×480)
higher is faster
35.4 fps 36.9 fps 44.1 fps 44.2 fps
Smartbench 2011 higher is faster Prod. index: 654
Games Index: 1503
Prod. index: 807
Games Index: 1523
Prod. index: 906
Games Index: 1728
Prod. index: 1018
Games Index: 1921

Benchmark details Archos 70 IT 800 Mhz vs 1 000 Mhz

Benchmark details Overclocked Archos 70 IT 1 100 Mhz vs 1 200 Mhz


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