Benchmarks comparing Archos 101 IT, Toshiba Folio 100 and Acer Iconia A500 Tablets


Archos 101 IT and Toshiba Folio 100 tablets have been out for a while, but they are still great machines for anyone having a small budget (less than 350 euros) to invest in a 10 inches capacitive tablet.

This article provides a head to head benchmark comparison for both devices, focusing on the CPU and memory performance. The dual core Nvidia Tegra 250 CPU gives a great advantage to the Toshiba Folio 100 tablet, let’s see how it goes.

Benchmarks results
  Archos 101 IT

Toshiba Folio 100

Acer Iconia 500
CPU Speed
Texas Instrument OMAP 3630
Single-Core ARM Cortex-A8
1000 Mhz
256 Mb
Nvidia Tegra 250
Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
1000 Mhz
512 Mb
Nvidia Tegra 250
Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9
1000 Mhz
1024 Mb
Test setup
Firmware version
Stock firmware 2.3.26
in Overdrive mode
(1000 Mhz)
FolioMod 1.4 Custom firmware
running at 1000 Mhz
android 3.0.1 build acer_a500_1.015.05_com_gen1
running at 1000 Mhz
native bench
lower is faster
C: 829.37
C: 568.97
No Neon support on Tegra2
C: 541.433
No Neon support on Tegra2
higher is faster
12.791 36.088 42.903
higher is faster
24.2 fps 55.9 fps  
Smartbench 2011
higher is faster
Prod. index: 838
Games Index: 1136
Prod. index: 2638
Games Index: 1927
Quadrant Pro
higher is faster
Total: 1202
CPU: 2639
Mem: 1201
I/O: 1647
2D: 203
3D: 319
Total: 2762
CPU: 5858
Mem: 2541
I/O: 4217
2D: 210
3D: 986
Total: 2285

Benchmark results pictures
Archos 101 IT
Toshiba Folio 100

Thanks to Cajl for providing benchmarks for the Iconia 500.

For Archos performance improvements, you can also refer to our benchmark on the Archos 70 IT overclocked up to 1200 Mhz.

Please remember benchmarks are just numbers measuring the raw performance of a device. They do not reflect the stability of the system, and the short or medium term durability. We do not recommend overclocking if you don’t really need it, overclocking make the hardware run at an higher clock rate than it was designed for, it will drain your battery quicker and may reduce your tablets components life.


  1. […] With the release of the Generation 9 tablets, Archos is renewing their tablet line with uptodate TI OMAP processors. The promise of releasing the fastest machines with 1.5 GHz CPU has unfortunately being delayed to January 2012. Still the current version of the Gen9 machines running at 1 GHz delivers quite good performance for the price. We are taking this opportunity to evaluate this new device with other ARM Cortex devices, as we did with earlier benchmarks. […]

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