Arnova website updated with full Arnova G3 line of products (9 tablets from 7 to 10 inches)


Arnova web site has just been updated with the full product line of their third generation of Arnova G3 tablets. Arnova G3 are mostly an evolution of the Arnova G2 with more memory and updated operating system to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

With 9 different tablet models from 7 to 10 inches screen size, some with multiple versions, it’s easy to get lost in the product line, be sure to check our Arnova G3 product prices and availability page for more details on the product specifications and pricing. The Arnova product page is missing the Arnova 7c G3 that should feature integrated 3G support and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2 MSM8255 CPU, let’s hope to see some updates soon. Don’t forget to check our Arnova 10b G3 review and the first pictures of an Arnova 7f G3, look for more G3 product tests in the near future 😉


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