Arnova 8 custom firmware with Android Market and root – Looking for testers


Update 2011/04/27: the Android 2.1 Eclair custom firmware for Arnova 8 has been released.

We are working hard during this Easter holidays to bring Android Market and Root access to your Arnova 8 device. We have made good progress so far and need a few users to help us testing the firmware before making a public release. Please leave a comment in this article if you want to help, we will get back to you with the firmware download link.

This firmware is specific to the Arnova 8 and should not be installed on other devices.



Firmware update procedure:

  • Connect your device to the electricity socket, fully charge it and leave the socket connected
  • Unzip the update.img file out of the zip archive
  • Copy the img file to the root of your device
  • Unmount USB on your device, it should give a prompt similar to this one:
  • Push the Install button and follow the update procedure
  • You can also refer to our flashing procedure page for more details.


    1. Bonjour
      j’ai téléchargé le firmware, et j’ai bien l’icone du market mais ensuite impossible de me connecter avec un compte google ni même en créer un, du coup j’ai bien l’icone du market mais impossible de faire quoi que ce soit.

      Pouriez-vous me dire si je dois faire une autre manipulation ?

      (Arnova 8)

      merci d’avance

      • yes, it’s pretty useless on the newer arnova 8 / 8GB.. market is random, ‘cannot connect’ flashes, then after the first reboot, it force-closes 100% of the time. i’m going for a full reset, then it’s back to the lamoid original firmware..

        also: arctools does not work, it needs 2.2 i presume..

        I’m not so sure the wait for 2.2 with root and market is worth the time, if the 2.1 modded firmware is anything to go by.

    2. bon je me lance j’ai testé et malheureusement ça coince, l android market est bien j’ai pu téléchargé quelques applications et puis d un seul coup message d’erreur à chaque fois que je veux télécharger une appli, sinon rien d’autre à signaler, par contre quelqu’un sait s’il est possible d’installer des appli à partir d’un pc?

      • I have the same problem, (had to use translate it first but nevertheless), when I install the firmware and open the market, it works fine. But after 2 or 3 applications installed the market gives for every application an installation error.

        I don’t know if it’s a common problem and if it will be fixed in the upcomming android 2.2 update or is there a fix or something like a workaround?

        Thanks in advance!

    3. did some one can return us your tests ? does this FW are stable ? did A8 have better performances ?

      quelqu’un peut il nous faire un retour sur ce firmware ? est il stable ? la tablette as t elle de meilleurs perf ? (je sais que un firmware ne change pas le hardware, donc coté perf c’est pas gagné, mais si il y eu un peut d’optimisation ^^ qui sait ^^ ex : FW des ziphone )

      Jean luc ? hilogik ?

    4. Ok,

      Before anything else, I want to tell you a big BIG : THANK YOU !

      As you know, my “Arnova 8” was inoperative due to a message “Android.process.acore was close unexpectedly” which was displayed in a evil loop… again and again.

      But the guys from ArcTablet have been there for me… unlike the Arnova/Archos technical service…

      Thanks to ArcTablet !

      Well …

      I installed the original firmware supplied by ArcTablet.

      It works well except for one thing … applications supposed to be delivered with the tablet are all missing. AppsLib is also missing.

      Can be a problem in the first boot. Only a few applications such as “Le Monde” have been installed.

      Virtually all other APK are missing in the directory: System / APK / FR

      I must say that I deleted a lot of things in this directory when my tablet still worked … and even more after his crash.

      As I had a copy of all these APK, so I restored them all in System / APK / FR. And I reinstalled all of these applications.

      And everything went well.


      Finally, I installed the new firmware, with root and Market.

      Everything works perfect, and all applications that are supposed to be delivered with the tablet are there. With a few extra apps, including the Market and Root SU.

      I now use it all thoroughly.

      I’d go back issues here if I encounter difficulties.

      But for now everything is perfect.

      Thank you thank you THANK YOU !

      • I have the same situation. My arnova 10 keeps looping the message ‘android.process.acore stopped unexpectedly, try again’. I stuck in the main screen and can’t go anywhere. May I know how you solve the problem?

        Thanks in advance!

    5. Ok i’m ready to test this !

      I need it because my Arnova is out of order, she’s looping on a message “android.process.acore”.

      Even if this firmware does not work, I want to thank you for your work.

      I am eager to test it.

      Archos has not helped me or responded.

      I’m really glad you made ​​this thing !

      Thank you very much.

      Merci infiniment !

      A French.

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