Arnova 8 custom firmware with Android Market and root –


With the help of BirdieBNL, we are proud to bring you, Kasty, the first custom Android 2.1 firmware ever released for the Arnova 8 tablet. It provides Android Market and root access to the Arnova 8 device.

This firmware is available for download here:

This firmware is specific to the Arnova 8 and should not be installed on other devices.



Firmware update procedure:

  • Connect your device to the electricity socket, fully charge it and leave the socket connected
  • Unzip the update.img file out of the zip archive
  • Copy the img file to the root of your device
  • Unmount USB on your device, it should give a prompt similar to this one:
  • Push the Install button and follow the update procedure
  • You can also refer to our flashing procedure page for more details.

    0.1 (2011/04/27) Initial release

    Support the project!

    If our web site and applications helped you, thanks for supporting us by donating using the Paypal form below or visiting our Donations page. Donations will be used to pay the bills for our server hosting costs, tools and purchase new tablets to support.

    Thanks to HiLoGik for his support testing this firmware.

    We are working on an Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Arnova 8, please stay tuned for an update.


    1. Hello,

      I hope someone will be able to provide me with an answer 🙂
      I have just bought a ARNOVA 8 G1 8Go yesterday. I do really miss the Android Market.
      I tried to backup my apps from my phone (Motorola Flipout running under Android 2.1) via AppMonster but some apk files do not want to be install on my tablet.

      So, I have downloaded your img file, pluggued the Arnova to my computer and pasted the img on the latter. Once unplugged, the installation begins, the tablet reboots but everything is freezed 🙁

      The only thing I have succeeded in is to download the official img file from Arnova.
      The tablet is starting, I succeeded in installing some apps but I still miss the Android market, Facebook, my bank application and a game for my child which did work on my mobile phone.

      Thanks in advance


    2. When I install the firmware 2.1 and open the market, it works fine. But after 2 or 3 applications installed the market gives for every application an installation error.

      I don’t know if it’s a common problem and if it will be fixed in the upcomming android 2.2 update but is there a fix or something like a workaround?

      Thanks in advance!

    3. Just picked up an arnova8, have tried to flash with the above firmware and now find that the market and browsing crashes the device. Is this a wait for froyo thing (in which case any news on when that might be possible) or is it a get my money back and look for a new device?

      Cheers for the help.


    4. Bjr
      Meme pb impossible tĂ©lĂ©chargerment sur google market : Ă©chec du tĂ©lĂ©chargement ; veuillez rĂ©essayer. Ca fait 3 jours que j’essaie avec mes 1000 euros par mois impossible de m’offrir mieux.
      Avez-vous une réponse ou je renvoie cette cochonnerie ? Merci

    5. Just tried to install kasty on an Arnova 10 with firmware that was recently updated from Archos website. Got the following message:

      “Invalid firmware image: Found a invalid firmware image file ‘/flash/update.img.’ Would you like to delete it?”

      Any ideas? Thanks for all your great work on this project!

    6. I want to say cudo’s also to the crew that put this mod together. What an appealing option to open the arnova platform.

      I would like to mention I am also having the same issues mentioned here. I was noticing that seems like the inability to download apps from the Market Place seems to also be related to my “Available Space” setting showing “0.00B”

      Is it possible the os lost it’s mount to the writable space used by MarketPlace ?

      Please keep up the great work.

    7. MĂȘme problĂšme que tout le monde, tĂ©lĂ©chargement de 3, 4 applications, ensuite de quoi j’Ă©teins la tablette, la rallume le lendemain, vais sur le market et impossible de tĂ©lĂ©charger.

      Avez vous une solution ? A quand la 2.2 ?

      Merci quand mĂȘme pour le travail.

    8. Ok I just wanted to put this out there incase anyone is in a similar situation. For what ever reason when I shut my tablet off, to reboot, the time and date get set back to january of 1969. If i try to use the market with this date set, they fail. A fix of the date to the correct current allows me to use the market successfully again.

      I also had the same problem when I had current date set, but had the amazon app store app installed. I don’t think that has anything to do with it. but Im putting it out there as a possible solution.

      That said, Is it possible to fix what ever is resetting the date to 1969 when you shut the device off? If not, I just won’t turn it off but every now and again.

      Thanks for this awesome rom though, can’t wait for froyo. It will be nice to watch and hulu.

    9. I am also having this problem. I have plenty of free space so that is not the issue. It works when you first install it or reset it, but once you stop, go do something else and come back it doesn’t work at all. This wouldn’t be a bother, but some apps just cannot be found on any other market besides the main android App market.

      Also noticed that the Amazon app market doesn’t work at ALL. it always renavigates to the main page. so you only have access to applib. good market but seriously limited.

    10. Ooops … I forgot to mention that I did some tests with other markets (appslib / applanet), downloads and installations work fine.

      I also installed Flash_For_21.apk … which is supposed to install the Flash to Android 2.1.

      But it does nothing. No visible effect.

      I also specify that I do not know much about Android, it’s my first Android hardware.

    11. Bonjour.
      Merci pour ce firmware et ses ressources.
      Toutefois aprĂšs 2 tĂ©lĂ©chargements rĂ©ussis sur Android Market, je n’ai plus eu que des Ă©checs avec comme message :
      “Ă©chec de tĂ©lĂ©chargement”

      Est-ce un problÚme de langue française ou autres?
      J’ai rĂ©installĂ© l’image et mĂȘme restaurĂ© les paramĂštres d’usine.
      Cela a marchĂ© Ă  nouveau 2 fois puis ensuite mĂȘme blocage de tĂ©lĂ©chargement.

      Dans l’attente d’un nouveau firmware 2.2. Encore un grand merci Ă  toute votre Ă©quipe

      • True, I have this problem too.

        Initially I tested the android market by downloading a “big” apps for free (FnacBook), and the test was all good.

        I have not done more downloads because there were other things I wanted to test (streaming smb connection ….)

        But since I wanted to load other apps on the Android Market … and downloads no longer work.

        I think it’s a matter of checking free space … or a real big problem of space for apps and the market.

        Or maybe the market does not clear its cache and its data.

        Hope this helps.

        And thanks again for the firmware:)

        It’s so good !

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