Arnova 10 G2 improved custom firmware Kasty v2 update (ext4, Android Market, full root, increased app storage space)


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  1. When using Rockchip, even if it does not find the driver yet…
    Launch Rockchip, when you reset your Arnova 10G2, by pressing simultaneously,
    « ON » and « Volume + », and maintaining « Vol+ » at some moment
    the « icon marked 1 » on the Rockchip PC screen turn green, at that moment,
    take your fingers off your the tablet buttons… and your tablet will be ready to
    receive the option « restore » firmware to upload…
    nothing is shown on the tablet screen but it is ready to accept upload…
    load the image into the Rockchip program and press « restore » on the Rockchip choices, nothing will display on the tablet but you will see the percentage of upload
    growing up to 100%, let the tablet connected and it will automatically
    reboot and pass in « robot » mode, you will see the formatting process and it will proceed up to a final reboot with the new firmware installed…

    This is the best and only way to get the firmware using the 2Gbytes partition for
    application afterwards,… if you do it using « upgrade » or using a copy of update.img
    on a memory stick, you won’t have a full reformat on your tablet and won’t be able
    to benefit fully of this firmware…


  2. I just installed this firmware according to the instructions. The tablet starts up (arnova 10b g2 resistive) and it just goes through the calibration steps over and over. I cant get the screen to respond. Can anyone help me? thanks!

  3. i downloaded it and installed it burt my tablet screen just stays white windows seems to know there is an arnova 10 g2 connected to it but says that its drivers are not installed(code 28) so i can’t access it from my pc. any idea how to solve either problems (to solve both would be great) ?

  4. Using RKAndroid Tool v1.29, I Flashed my 10 G2 to receive your splendid Kasty update …then added Play / Market.
    All works well except one odd problem:- Gmail installs and runs fine, but it won’t update/synchronise automatically, it needs me to do a manual “refresh” manually every time. Gmail does prompt me to go via Android Home > accounts & sync > auto-sync …but the accounts & sync menu item is missing. Can anybody help, please?

  5. Hi I managed to get android market on and install apps but I can’t load a page up at all on the browser . Simple ones like eBay or YouTube or even news paper sites or news. It nearly finnishes then crashes back to the home page . Every time .??

  6. Hi i installed this rom but there was no google play or adroid market i had to download arctools and do it threw that. then i logged on to my google play account. but youtube says not compatable in fact everything iv looked at says the same ??

    I need help please
    Thanks Adam

  7. Downloaded the files and installed as instructed. Took a minute to understand the instructions but it definitely works very well now. Google Play store, Flash and everything seem to be working very well. Great so far.

    Arnova 10 g2 philly tablet. I dont care about the newspaper software on the philly so this worked well.

    Thank you developers, admins, coders and behind the scenes creators of these sites/apps/tools! I am definitely making a donation.

  8. Hi,
    Well I have a question, I hope you will be able to help. I have an older custom firmware which is working fine on my Arnova 10 G2, i was hoping to upgrade it to this new one. I wanted to know, do I have to switch my device back to original firmware before I flash this one or can I just start flashing the new one as it is (over my current custom firmware)?

    Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,



    I have an Arnova 10g2 tablet. I tried installing new software as per I think during this process it allowed some sort of .img file to be loaded. The tablet then turned off, but now all I get is either the Arnova title screen and no further or I can in to recovery but am not able to select any of the options. So at this stage I have a bricked device. I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. Have tried to follow all the forum advice re rockchip flashing tools etc ie on
    But I get only a pink square whilst in recovery screen with Connected device 2-1-7 showing.
    The options I have on the recovery system v1.3.37 screen are
    Reboot system now
    Factory reset
    SYSTEM recover
    Update from SD card
    Update from uDisk

    Whilst they can be individually highlighted, I cannot select any!

    Grateful for any help
    Thanks & regards

    • Looks like the flash process did not complete on your device.
      You’ll need to get the Rockchip flasher tool to work to flash again or restore the default firmware. Please see the article, especially the troubleshooting section to make sure you get the green square. Don’t pay attention to the recovery system, it’s the result of the « failed » flash. You really need to focus on getting Rockchip flasher to work to restore your device.

  10. Hello,
    strange… we are waiting from 3 month the next version (with BlueTooth support) described in « What’s next ». I’ve tried all custom ROMS form my Arnova 10G2 (MorkaMod 1.15, Finelss 1.5, etc etc.) but all, when have promised the « next version » with BT support….. diappears. MorkaMod 1.16 (there is a blog for the test) is 1 month without any news, your version is 3 month old…. The same finless: version 2.0 disappear (but Finless has some problem with his father… i hope now is all OK). I think BT is very high problem… or there is another reason? In any case …. thank you at all for your splendid works.

    • Thanks for your words.
      Well, custom firmwares are done on our free time which is limited. There have been other firmware work done recently with new devices to support and new features to add to Arctools, which creates some delays on things like BT support. It will hopefully be done in the near future, as time permits.

  11. I just cannot get my Arnova 10 G2 into recovery mode, should the tablet be on or off for instance??
    Also I have found multiple tutorials on putting the device into recovery mode, none of them work D:
    Can anyone please tell me how to put this device into recovery mode?

  12. Worked great, well done. To get into recovery mode press vol and hold, press reset for 5-10s, release reset then release vol. Market was short of apps, tried reset cache etc as suggested, did not work. Searched in internet browser for an android app and clicked download link, this triggered play store and hey presto all apps now avalible.

    Stable, responsive, no dramas. I i had a wish then Reverse accelerometer would be good for some games. Bluetooth dongle support would be cool……

    Try it…………

    • Aaaahhhh… same Market/Play Store problems here.
      Trying to get CIFS MANAGER and MOON READER (free version) but the search is not locating them (although ARE found with the MorkaMod firmware – but then whilst Moon Reader installs/runs, CIFS MANAGER fails as it cannot get the SU permissions to do so… MM is only partially rooted).

      I’ll try your ‘trick’ shortly… tablet currently on charge and set up with the MM as I want to use Moon Reader later.

  13. I have tried this on 4 different computers (2 XP Pro, 2 Win7 Ultimate x64) and I cannot get the Rockchip driver to install for any of them. I am using the one linked in this article but it just tells me the best driver is already installed or in the case of XP that the driver holds no information for my device.

  14. Hi
    I’ve just done this fix for my Arnova 10G2 4MB, and everything seemed to work fine.

    However, if I ever actually use the Android Market to download an app, the download works great, but Market then immediately disappears again – and I’m back to square 1.

    What have I done wrong? Why won’t this new firmware “stick”?

  15. Installed this and my Arnova 10 G2 runs much faster. Such an improvement in the load times so thanks for that.

    But I have a couple of issues.

    1) app market still doesnt get all the apps. I’ve tried the fix on this website but that doesnt work. I notice lots of people posting on that page that it hasn’t worked for them so I’m wondering if the fix doesnt work on the new release of the app market? Can anyone help on this?

    2) I can’t seem to get accounts and sync to use my calendars. Does anyone know how to access this functionality or if it isnt on this firmware.

    Thanks for your help!

  16. Hi and thank you for your efforts on this.

    I’m currently trying to install this firmware.

    I was expecting an Update.img file to select using the Rockchip tool but there is no such file in the file.

    I tried selecting the System.img (logic told me that I wanted the largest file) but the Rockchip tool gives me an error « Load Firmware Failed ».

    I’m fairly confident that I have done the necessary prerequisites. The rockchip tool has a green « connected device » and also, it will happily load the Update.img of the official firmware that I downloaded in case something went wrong.

    Any ideas?

    • Further to this. I have now successfully installed a completely different firmware, so I’m confident that the steps I have taken so far have been correct. I’m simply missing the actual firmware file (which as stated, I was expecting to be named Update.img) in the zip file.

  17. Been using Finless firmware for about 3 weeks, when I saw this I couldn’t resist the temptation.
    Bit quicker to boot, and more memory available, no major problems found except the tablet refused to ‘power down’ and just froze on one occasion, had to be reset to regain response.

  18. its very easy to install « Rock USB » driver
    1)- just turn off ur arnova 10G2
    2)-just plug ur usb and cable power if you don’t have enough charge on it , you can se he just flash to open after that
    3)-press reset with a little thing and then press bottom » volume + » , after that just release the reset bottom your windows gonna try to install the driver, is not but after that you can release your volume +
    4)- go to « device manager » right click on « Unknown device » click on « update driver  »
    5)- click on « Browse my computer for driver software »
    6)-click on «  »Let me pick from a list of driver……….. after that click next
    7)- after that click on » have disk  »
    8)- after that click on Browse and then select the  » rock usd driver » and then click « ok »
    and then click install……..
    You good to go my friend. ………..Enjoyyyyyyy

  19. Can any experienced users give us an idea on how to install this firmware since the instructions are not included here. I decided to give it a shot and when I run « RK29update.exe » with the tablet connected I get a message at the bottom that says « No Found RKAndroid rock usb ». It appears I can’t go any further.

    • I searched around and found the procedure for using RK29update and I was able to successfully install the firmware. I’m now having the same issue where Arctools 0.61 did not install Market. How do I get Arctools 0.57?

      I also notice the faster boot which is nice.

    • Check the forum thread for links; this also appears to require arctools 0.57, not 0.61, at least for now. Remember, you need to install the drivers so that the tablet can be seen in recovery mode by the PC. Otherwise, when you run rkupdate the tablet won’t be « visible. »

  20. Installed, BUT Arctools 0.61 included failed to install market, removed and loaded 0.57 and OK !

    Also failed to gain complete access to market, removed some directories:

    $ adb shell rm -r /data/data/
    $ adb shell rm -r /data/data/
    $ adb shell rm -r /data/data/
    $ adb shell rm -r /data/data/


    Initial impression 🙂

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